Path of Exile: Developers Release Several Minor Updates Amid "Expedition" Issues

Path of Exile Expedition
Path of Exile Expedition Grinding Gear Games (GGG)

Path of Exile ’s Expedition expansion was released over the weekend and it was plagued with issues, such as the problem with the mana nerfs, ailments and curse immunity, and the infamous “T-posing” bug.

Because of this, Lead Developer Chris Wilson went to Reddit to state what the devs have done since the launch of the expansion, as well as their plans for the immediate future.

Mana Cost Multipliers

Patch 3.15 has introduced many nerfs in the game, including the one about the mana cost multipliers on support gems.

According to the balance manifesto, the devs feel that the mana cost on support gems is lower than it should be and will require certain adjustments. Unfortunately, the adjustments made were too harsh in practice.

Wilson acknowledged that the changes were too extreme, so they will think about reducing the impact on mana by a moderate amount.

He said that the goal is to alleviate the severity of the original adjustments made in Patch 3.15, but not so much that it reverts back to the pre-patch values.

Ailments and Curse Immunity

Another notable change implemented in Expedition was that flasks that give ailment immunity will only grant that if the flask actually removed a certain ailment.

For instance, when you are frozen, using a flask with a “Heat” suffix will not only remove that ailment but will also make you immune to it for one second.

That’s the problem as you will only be granted a small window of immunity, which is definitely not enough. To fix this, Wilson said that they are going to increase the duration to four seconds.

Also, mapping should be a bit easier now since map mods that curse the player will no longer apply those curses with increased effect.


So, if you’ve played the new expansion recently, you may have come across a visual bug wherein your character will do a “T-pose” as if it were crucified or something.

Wilson has acknowledged that bug and has implemented a tentative fix. So, file a report whenever you experience the same issue after applying the minor updates.

Patch Notes

The developers have released six hotfix updates since Patch 3.15 was implemented over the weekend. Here are the highlights:

  • Fixed various instance crashes.
  • The Reaper created by the new Summon Reaper skill gem now has better survivability at all levels.
  • Allowed Expedition Vendor Reroll currency items to drop from Excavated Chests as well as Runic Monsters.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Instilling Orbs.
  • Fixed a bug where some instilled flask mods could remove grace period when entering new areas.
  • Fixed an instance crash.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Forbidden Rite.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Lion's Roar.
  • Applied another tentative fix for the graphical T-posing issue.
  • Fixed a bug where Divergent Eye of Winter did not have a description for its alternate quality effect.
  • Fixed a bug where non-unique Iron Flasks were not dropping.
  • Fixed a bug where the audio for player footsteps was too loud.

If you want to learn more about Chris Wilson’s thoughts about the expansion, you can read the post here.

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