Path of Exile: Enter the Forbidden Sanctum on December 9

The Forbidden Sanctum
The Forbidden Sanctum Twitter/@pathofexile

Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum expansion arrives later this week. Grinding Gear Games has recently unveiled some of the things that players can expect in the upcoming challenge league. Read further to learn more.

Enter the Forbidden Sanctum

Starting December 9, players can enter the new Forbidden Sanctum found in various areas in Wraeclast. This Templars’ sanctum was abandoned a long time ago, with a malevolent presence now taking hold in this once holy place.

The Forbidden Sanctum is the first roguelike content in Path of Exile. Here, players will have a resource known as Resolve once they enter this place. Think of it as sort of a life bar unique to the Sanctum and it drops every time the player takes damage. Once it runs out, brave adventurers will be booted out.

When players enter the sanctum, they will come across a map that reveals some rooms that they can go to. Players must plan their course accordingly as each mistake reduces their Resolve as well. There are ancient fountains found inside, where they can rest to restore a portion of the Resolve back.

Now, brave adventurers gain afflictions that stack up the deeper they go within the sanctum. This makes the descent so much harder, but with the promise of better rewards.

Speaking of which, players can get a new currency called Aureus. This gold coin was said to be the main currency used by the Templars for commerce and it can be found inside treasure chests or from slain enemies.

Players will occasionally bump into a merchant who they can trade with using Aureus for helpful boons.

The Forbidden Sanctum really tests players when it comes to making decisions. For example, adventurers will sometimes be presented with an Accursed Pact, which can offer some really nice boons, but at a major cost. One instance having to decide whether gaining a major boon is worth the cost of half of the maximum Resolve.

As mentioned earlier, things get more challenging as players progress deeper. They will be prompted with an option to defer currency items or not from time to time. Deferring these will give players better rewards, but if they die before completing the run, they will get out of the sanctum with nothing. Are they willing to risk it all in exchange for bigger rewards? Or will they take the safe approach and get whatever they can on each floor?

So, what can you say about the upcoming expansion?

Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum launches on December 9.

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