Path of Exile’s Newest Expansion Releasing Later This Month

Prepare for an expedition.
Prepare for an expedition. Grinding Gear Games

A new expansion is coming to Path of Exile on July 23. Console players have to wait a little longer, though, on July 28.

In Expedition, players meet the Kalguur. The Kalguur have traveled to Wraeclast in hopes of retrieving artifacts from marked sites. They believe that these sites are where their ancestors may have fallen. For players, once they get to the site, they need to place a chain of explosives strategically and then detonate them. This should result in the remains of the fallen Kalguur being unearthed. However, it’s going to rise as an undead army that players need to defeat. The explosion should also unearth chests that contain ancient runed artifacts.

Artifacts that players can collect are tradeable with different new merchants. These include Tujen the Haggler, Rog the Dealer, and Gwennen the Gambler. Each of these NPC offers a unique trading style.

It’s not all artifacts since the new expansion introduces Logbooks. These Logbooks can be crafted to maximize both their value and difficulty. Plus, they can be traded with other players.

So what else can players expect? There are also new choices for players that can help them build their characters. This is made possible through new gems which allow for different playstyles. Overall, there are 19 new Skill and Support Gems that players can choose from.

Royale is Back

There’s also something else that players should be excited about. Royale is making a comeback with revamped features. Those who have been playing the game for quite a while should be familiar with this mode. It was introduced back in 2018 but as a limited-time April Fool’s game mode.

This time around, it’s available for weekend play sessions. Now, this mode offers a separate game balance from the core experience. That means there is a Royale-specific passive skill tree and low-level versions of many skill gems.

Hopefully, this should be a treat for veteran players and maybe give excitement to newcomers.

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