Path of Exile 3.14.3 Engine Patch Notes Preview: What Can Players Expect Ahead of Expansion's Release?

Path of Exile
Path of Exile Grinding Gear Games (GGG)

Developer Grinding Gear Games, or just “GGG,” has announced the upcoming release of a new update for Path of Exile, ahead of the 3.15 expansion’s launch later this month.

The 3.14 Ultimatum League will end on July 12, but the game’s next expansion won’t be available until July 23. In the meantime, developers will introduce Patch 3.14.3 to bring improvements to the game’s engine.

What Players Can Expect

Although the developers did not specify what these improvements are, players may expect better performance and stability.

In addition, some handy tools are coming to the game. Players can expect new performance metrics graphs to get more information than its current version. The new metrics can show how much load is on the CPU, GPU, system memory, latency, available VRAM, instance server, and more.

Aside from the new performance graphs, the devs have added a new Gameplay tab in the Options panel. This helped them tidy up the Settings menu, making it easier for players to navigate their way into the different sections.

In a previous Path of Exile update, there was an option that allowed players to clear the game’s cache. This is done to help fix any issues that may arise.

Unfortunately, many would use it without fully understanding the benefits of having a cache, which has led to some performance degradation. As a result, the devs have opted to remove it from the Settings, though players can still clear the cache manually.

In most cases, there is no need to clear the cache as it is done automatically when a league is launched.

Since most players do not use 32-bit versions of Windows anymore, GGG has opted to remove the 32-bit client from the website. This is just to avoid the confusion of which game client to download.

Lastly, those who use Vulkan with graphics cards that have less than 2600 MB of VRAM will be able to select the “High Texture Quality” setting. The same option is also available to DirectX users, though they have to make sure their PCs can handle it.

To learn more about the upcoming Patch 3.14.3 for the Path of Exile, you can read about it on the official blog post. The update is expected to launch later this week, possibly on Wednesday or Thursday.

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