PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo Now Available

Time to solve those mysteries.
Time to solve those mysteries. Square Enix

If you love supernatural mystery adventures, you'll be happy to know that PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is officially out on Nintendo Switch, PC through Steam, Android and iOS. Meanwhile, the original digital soundtrack, courtesy of composer Hidenori Iwasaki, is releasing on March 16.

The game brings to life the spine-chilling ghost stories that are the Seven Mysteries of Honjo and packages them in the unique style of a 2D visual novel. There are also interesting game mechanics like during the day, players get to explore the mysterious areas of the city, solve puzzles, and find new clues, which will help them learn more about the mysteries behind the seven deadly curses. At night, players must hunt or be hunted by other curse bearers.

Meet the Cast

In the game, players take on the role of various protagonists that possess the "power of curses." These cursed characters investigate the mysteries of Honjo, each having their own motivations. The characters are:

  • Shogo Okiie
    • A seemingly unremarkable young man who works in the planning department of Hihaku Soapsa.
    • He is friends with Yoko Fukunaga, a young woman who can see things others cannot.
    • While initially skeptical of the supernatural, Shogo is forced to confront reality as he and Yoko investigate the mystery of the Whispering Canal.
  • Tetsuo Tsutsumi
    • A gruff police detective working in the Sumida ward.
    • He is accompanied by his fresh-faced partner Jun Erio.
    • Tetsuo sets out to discover the truth behind the mysterious deaths in the area.
    • As the clues start to point to the supernatural and an old archenemy resurfaces, Tetsuo realizes he needs to find a way to protect those most important to him.
  • Harue Shigima
    • A grieving mother who is desperate for answers and asks for help from private investigator Richter Kai.
    • The two set off down a dark path in search of those answers.
  • Yakko Sakazaki
    • Yakko is determined to learn more about what really happened to her friend Michiyo, who mysteriously falls to her death.
    • As she delves deeper into these events, she discovers shocking truths about her friend.

What do you think? Ready to solve the mysteries in PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo?

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