Paragon: The Overprime Adds New Tank Hero Adele to the Roster

Paragon Adele
Tank or damage? Your choice. Netmarble

A new update for Paragon: The Overprime adds an original tank hero Adele. She may have a small stature, but this knight is at the forefront of her allies. She fights using a sword and shield and can change her tactics depending on what the situation needs.

She has a rather cute demeanor, yet her reputation is someone who is a ruthless predator on the battlefield. Her skills focus mainly on switching between being a tank and a damage dealer. In addition, she can also change the range of her abilities while offering crowd control. Her skills are:

  • It'll Be Over Soon
    • Adele swings her sword.
  • It's Supposed To Hurt
    • Adele expands her shield, lowering her movement speed.
    • At the same time, her physical and magic defense is increased, and a damage-reflecting buff is activated.
    • Only basic attacks can be used while the Rose Shield is active.
  • Let Me Hold You
    • Extends her composite sword at the target and marks them with a rose.
    • Using the skill again makes her charge at the enemy and root them.
  • Your Beautiful Scent
    • Adele uses her sword like a whip to deal damage, then swings the composite sword down in a straight line to deal additional damage.
  • Where You Belong
    • Adele combines her shield and composite sword, then slams the ground where she is standing.
    • Summons a poisonous rose pile which inflicts damage based on the enemy's max health and decreases movement speed.

The new update also introduces new cosmetics like the new Heroic skin for Adele known as Gothic Pink, and the new Heroic skin for Fey called Guardian of the Sacred Tree.

Red Moon is Here

The new update adds a new 5v5 matchmaking mode known as Red Moon, which is all about confrontation and team battles. The goal is to destroy the core of the enemy, but since there's only one narrow lane for players to attack, expect chaotic battles where quick decision-making and reflexes will lead to victory.

For this mode, heroes are randomly selected but each player can switch once per battle, as another random roll. Health and mana are only restored at specific locations, where energy sources have been placed. In addition, players can only buy items before the battle begins and immediately after respawning.

Paragon: The Overprime is available on PC.

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