Paradise Killer Dated For A September 4 Release On PC And Switch

An open-world murder mystery set on a mysterious island.
Publisher Fellow Traveler has dated the murder mystery title Paradise Killer for a September 4 release on PC and Switch.
Publisher Fellow Traveler has dated the murder mystery title Paradise Killer for a September 4 release on PC and Switch. Fellow Traveler

Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Kaizen Game Works have just announced that they will soon be releasing their open-world murder mystery title Paradise Killer. The indie game will be made available on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop and PC via Steam on September 4 for $19.99. Currently, pre-orders are available for the Switch at a discounted $15.99 price tag.

So, what is the uniquely styled, first-person, open-world game all about? Paradise Killer takes its name from the central “island outside of reality” where the story takes place. Paradise is basically an island that sprouts up in another dimension filled with “lunatics, psychopaths, and a thousand secrets.” Occasionally (give or take a few thousand years), Paradise Island appears, which houses the Syndicate: a group of immortal worshippers of dead alien gods. However, in the 25th reiteration of the trans-dimensional island, the Syndicate’s council has been murdered. This is where the player’s character, the “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies comes in. Summoned from exile, the player must now guide her to solve the murders and find the perpetrator.

Gameplaywise, Paradise Killer plays out almost like a visual novel with exploration mechanics. Players can roam over the island to look for clues until they can eventually build a case against their prospective killers. In Paradise, Lady Love Dies can interact with tons of relics that will expand on the island’s lore. The island’s inhabitants will also be essential to the player’s investigation: some will provide useful information; some will hinder the case; friends will become suspects, and more. In the end, who the player accuses will depend on their evidence, the island’s greater good, and their own personal beliefs.

Once an airtight case has been built, it needs to be defended. Only then can someone be convicted. However, it has been added that “there are many possible killers.” Convicting someone does not necessarily mean that the mystery is solved.

Paradise Killer is Kaizen Game Works' first developed game, and it will be launching for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on September 4. Check out more information on the game’s Steam page here.

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