Paladins: New Champion Saati Now Available

Paladins Trickshot Update
Paladins Trickshot Update Evil Mojo Games

Those waiting for the new Champion, Saati, will be excited to know that she is now available on the live servers. In addition, the new Nightfall Event Pass can now be purchased in the store. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Paladin’s Trickshot Update.

Saati, the Trickshot

The latest Champion to join the fray is Saati. Her main weapon is a hand cannon, and she has a very interesting kit.

Her Ricochet (alt-fire) will have her flip a coin in the air that travels up to 200 units. What’s interesting is that you can fire at the coin and each shot will be reflected to the target within its range. Think of this as some sort of an auto-aim mechanic, if you will. It will then explode after landing four shots and deal damage to all nearby enemies.

Blast Back is her first ability where she will do an ignited backflip, kicking enemies in a cone in front of her. It deals 250 damage and will set any enemy in range on fire for two seconds. It also has a knockback effect.

For her Dead Ringer ability, she will deploy a cardboard decoy of herself that also reveals enemies that fire at it for a brief period. Any opponent that destroys the decoy will be revealed to Saati for three seconds.

Her ultimate ability is called Wallbang. Once activated, Saati’s Hand Cannon gets supercharged and the next three bullets will deal insane amounts of damage.

She also has some pretty good talents. For instance, her Heads or Tails talent will improve her Ricocheted shots' damage to shields, while also revealing enemies for a second. It also heals Saati a little bit.

Nightfall Event Pass

Paladins Count Corvus Skin
Paladins Count Corvus Skin Evil Mojo Games

Those who will purchase the Nightfall Event Pass instantly get the Count Corvus skin and a 50% boost to experience and gold. That said, the developers will also give you a means to get all of the new content instantly by selecting the “Buy All” option.

Other notable things in the Nightfall Event Pass include the Temptress Skye skin, new avatars, and 3D sprays.

Balance Changes

The developers have implemented some much-needed balancing changes for almost all Champions in the game. These changes are a result of the feedback gathered from the community, as well as from their own data-driven approach.

Here are just some changes that you can expect in the latest update:

  • Defiance
    • Range reduced to 20
  • Buying Time
    • Reduced ammo scaling to 1|1
  • Crossbow
    • Increased projectile speed by 5%
    • Increased projectile size by 10%
  • Smoke and Daggers
    • Base healing per second reduced to 100
    • NEW: Smoke Screen no longer applies invisibility to you
  • Nade Launcher
    • Reduced damage to 650
  • In the Fray
    • Reduced scaling to 4|4%

If you want to learn more about the latest update, you can head over to the game’s official website.

Paladins Trickshot Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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