Paladins Welcomes New Champion Yagorath!

All hail the Devourer.
All hail the Devourer. Evil Mojo Games

Season 4 of Paladins is now live. Titled “Calamity,” it sees the arrival of a new champion that has one thing in mind, which is to consume. Yagorath the Devourer has joined the battle along with new skins.

It’s not just Yagorath getting new skins as there's also something new for other champions. We likewise take a look into some of the Ranked Rewards this season.

Ranked Rewards

The rewards in Season 4 include:

  • Play 100 Games
    • Reward: Limited Title
  • Win 100 Ranked matches
    • Reward: Berserker Torvald Skin
  • Reach Gold 5 or higher
    • Reward: Season 4 Loading Frame, awarded at the end of Season 4

There are also the Split Rewards, which are:

  • Play 15 Ranked matches
    • Reward: Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked matches
    • Reward: Self-Sufficient, Avatar

Be the Devourer

With a Health of 6,500, there’s no question that Yagorath is the best fit for Frontline. Yagorath has two forms that can impact its fire and abilities: Here's the overview of its fire:

  • Primary Fire
    • Planted Form
      • Caustic Spray: Yagorath sprays acid and when it hits the ground, it leaves a pool of acid.
    • Travel Form
      • Trail of Acid: Drops a series of five acid pools.
  • AltFire
    • Planted Form
      • Piercing Quill: Fire out a Piercing quill that deals damage and then explodes for extra damage.
    • Travel Form
      • Acceleration: Charges forward and deals damage when hitting an enemy while also applying knockback.

In terms of abilities, Yagorath has:

  • Ability 1
    • Planted Form
      • Hardening: Hunker down for a short time to increase base damage reduction.
    • Travel Form
      • Primal Vision: Lets out several pulses that briefly reveal enemies.
  • Ability 2
    • Form Swap: Allows Yagorath to swap between Planted and Travel forms. In Planted form, Yogarath can’t move.
  • Ultimate
    • Devour: Targets an enemy and pulls them to the champion followed by a swap of current Health for a new 4000-Health pool.

As mentioned, Yogarath arrives in the game with additional skins, which are:

  • Caustic (Limited)
    • Unlocked through Season Pass 2021.
    • This skin won’t be available after Season Pass 2021 has finished.
  • Grave Worm
    • Unlocked with 200 Crystals or 60,000 Gold.
  • ​Golden Yagorath
    • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with Yagorath.

Read all the details on Yagorath as well as what the new update offers here.

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