Paladins: Absolution Update Introduces Azaan the Eternal

Paladins Absolution Update
Paladins Absolution Update Steam

Paladins: Absolution is here! This massive update introduces the final Champion of the year. It also welcomes the game’s latest Event Pass that features new skins for Tyra and Saati.

Meet Azaan, the Eternal

Paladins Azaan, the Eternal
Paladins Azaan, the Eternal Steam

One of the oldest Pyre Lords that ever existed, Azaan the Eternal, is tasked to maintain the balance of the Realm.

He is a frontline Champion who wields a hammer called Judgement. He throws this hammer three times in succession, dealing medium damage twice and heavy damage once. His alt-fire, Reckoning, sends a projectile that will explode in a small area in front of him after a short windup. This not only deals damage but also lifts enemies for 0.3 seconds.

His passive ability is called Ire. Whenever Azaan deals or takes damage, his Ire fills up. He will take 25% less damage once Ire reaches 100%. Above 85%, Azaan deals 12% more damage. All of Azaan’s basic abilities can be augmented by his passive if above the Ire threshold. Once they are cast, Ire is consumed in the process.

Sanctuary is Azaan’s first ability. This creates five wall segments in a semi-circle in front of him, each with 2,500 HP. His second ability is Conviction. When activated, he will dash forward and carry an enemy in front of him. If they hit a wall, they will receive additional damage and be stunned for a few seconds.

His ultimate ability is known as Deliverance. When you use this, he will fly up to the air for six seconds and then throw his hammer down to the ground, dealing damage and knocking enemies back a short distance. Shortly after, the Eternal will land on the same spot and deal additional damage.

Azaan is looking to be a really potent Champion, considering that he can build protective walls and stun enemies when needed.

Event Pass

Sea Queen Saati Skin
Sea Queen Saati Skin Steam

You can purchase the Dark Depths Event Pass to get exclusive perks. Once you do, you instantly get a 50% Experience and Gold boost, as well as the Azure Depths Loading Frame.

At Level 6, you will get the Marauder Tyra skin. At Level 12, you will acquire the Sea Queen Saati skin. Different colored versions of their skins are available at Level 18 for Tyra and Level 24 for Saati.

You can learn more by heading to the game’s official website.

Paladins: Absolution update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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