Paint the Town Red Update 0.13.0 Arena Improvements, HUD Changes, and More

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South East Games, developer of Paint the Town Red, just released a new update that works on improving various aspects of the game. The improvements added for the arena include new music, new end-camera sequences, an end-game leaderboard, and balances on power. The developers also refreshed the loading screens to make the game livelier.

Small changes like HUD opacity is now included to let you adjust it to your preference. This may not be useful in-game, but if you are taking screenshots or streaming, it will look much better with minimal HUD. The developers are also working on game management options to better handle game progress.

Paint the Town Red Update 0.13.0

Version 0.13.0

  • Beneath can now be quit mid-run and resumed from the beginning of the level you were on.
  • Steam Cloud saves now fully working for Beneath saves and settings.
  • New music in the Arena.
  • The Arena now shows the aftermath after death or victory instead of a black screen.
  • The Arena now displays the leaderboards when you win a challenge or die in the Endless mode.
  • Players now keep half of unused power between Arena waves.
  • Improved Leaderboards time clarity.
  • Performance improvements for Arena.
  • Updated loading screens with background images.
  • New music, sounds and effects in the Islands.
  • New music in Beneath boss fights.
  • Challenge Room chests now open once you approach them after completing a Challenge.
  • Removed the Guiding Light summon station from the Fire & Blood store.
  • HUD Opacity option added to hide or make the HUD semi transparent.
  • Made it easier to pick up weapons.
  • New death text to show after being killed by all Beneath enemy types.
  • Added mild camera shake when blocking an attack.
  • New sounds for some Beneath enemies.
  • New sounds effects for some Beneath props.
  • Added portal visual to the transition to Fire & Blood.
  • Added sounds to the blood drips and Bloody Mass growths in Beneath.
  • Pursuer's death sound now follows the floating particles.
  • Fixed bullets not hitting enemies when at point-blank range.
  • Fixed some rounding inconsistencies with time stat vs leaderboard entry.
  • Fixed missing reactive lighting above Disco dance floor.
  • Fixed reverb zone transition bug and improved some reverb zones in Scenarios.
  • Fixed the Gremlin running on the spot before spotting the player.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous enemy spawn errors on Fire & Blood.
  • Fixed no sound when shooting the Trickster's shield.
  • Fixed enemies attacking the player during the Island Artifact placement sequence.
  • Fixed some rare level generation issues.
  • Fixed some render order issues for some Teleporter distortion effects.
  • Fixed being able to move during Beneath loads.
  • Fixed some sound effects playing during loading screens.
  • Fixed the jerk in the Facility stopping on his path forever in some spots.
  • Fixed sync of spawned Challenge Rooms enemies in multiplayer.
  • Fixed client players not triggering enemy zones in Workshop levels.
  • Fixed clients showing 'by' text for host transferred levels when paused in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the Guiding Light having erratic sound and continuing to play when at the exit.
  • Fixed no footsteps on the Trickster in boxer mode.
  • Fixed dark lighting on ragdolled enemies in the Arena.
  • Fixed the Hydra regeneration sound continuing to play after death.
  • Fixed waves shader bug in the Credits scene.

You can read more about the update here.

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