Does Overwatch Switch Come With Competitive Mode?

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The developers have been mum so far as to whether the game will arrive with a competitive mode in the Switch.
The developers have been mum so far as to whether the game will arrive with a competitive mode in the Switch. Blizzard

The Competitive Mode in Overwatch can only be accessed if players reach level 25, complete all placement matches, and receive a role-specific skill rating (SR). Also, players can obtain “competitive points” for every victory and they can use them to unlock golden weapons for their heroes of choice.

As for players who are able to reach the Top 500 highest SRs in their respective region, they are rewarded with season-specific prizes. These include player icons and animated sprays. Given the excitement that Competitive Mode brings, it only makes sense for users to expect the same system in the Switch version of the game.

As with the other versions of the game, Switch users playing Overwatch will start things at level 0 as there are no plans for cross-play or cross-save with other platforms as of right now. From there, players must grind in order to be eligible to play Competitive. The only problem right now is that Blizzard has yet to confirm whether the mode will arrive during launch date or later.

When the game came on PS4, Xbox, and PC, the aforementioned mode was not included right away. Blizzard had to tease it for a while and implemented it a couple of weeks later. Interestingly, the original format with SR was quite different back then as the maximum rank was set at 99. Even more so, players had no restrictions when it came to queuing, regardless of the SR points.

Assuming that Blizzard will bring the Competitive Mode in Overwatch to the Switch, it is unlikely for the original season format to be resurrected. Still, the catch is whether or not the mode will have its own separate launch, which would be similar to what the other platforms experienced before.

If the developer chooses to put the mode on the backburner, then it might mean they are waiting for the current Season 18 to reach its end on October 31. Perhaps from there, the mode will become official. Obviously, Blizzard would make an official announcement when that day arrives.

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