Overwatch Reveals New Skins For The Upcoming ‘Storm Rising’ Event

Storm Rising Kicks Off On April 16
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The upcoming Storm Rising event brings with a new co-op mode and over a hundred cosmetic items.
The upcoming Storm Rising event brings with a new co-op mode and over a hundred cosmetic items. Blizzard via GameSpot

Overwatch is known for its many grand events, where developers release all-new content, cosmetics, and gameplay updates for its 40-million-strong player base. This time around, the event is called ‘Storm Rising’ and it kicks off next week on April 16. Like many events before it, Storm Rising features a new cooperative PvE game mode where a team of players work together to accomplish a set objective. Based on everything we know so far, the Storm Rising mode features Tracer, Genji, Mercy, and Winston racing against the clock as they try to capture a Talon operative named Maximilien. Storm Rising is set to take place on the brand new Havana map, which launches alongside the event.

While there’s less than week left until the event goes live, Blizzard is apparently just as excited as the gaming community. Earlier today, Overwatch devs teased a few cosmetics to be released alongside the event: a legendary skin for the newest hero, Baptiste, and an Epic skin for the veteran bomb-lobber, Junkrat.

As teased in the tweet above, Baptiste is getting a Talon-themed skin, undoubtedly portraying Baptiste’s gear and loadout from when he was a Talon operative. Junkrat also gets a new skin, the epic-level Circus skin which has the resident demolitions expert donning clown attire, white make-up and all.

Apart from the two skins that have been confirmed so far, Storm Rising introduces more than one hundred new cosmetic items to the game, including any number of new voice lines, emotes, sprays, and more. In addition to the new cooperative game mode, game modes from prior events will also be made available throughout the duration of the event, particularly Uprising and Retribution.

One of the most exciting possibilities in Storm Rising is the introduction of a potential new hero. While there have been no official announcements regarding a new hero, there’s speculation that it might be a character named Sojourn. Mentioned only by name in the Storm Rising teaser video, Sojourn seems to be an authority figure within Overwatch. However, new playable hero or not, Sojourn will undoubtedly be a significant character in the upcoming Storm Rising event.

The folks here at Player.One are abuzz with discussion and speculation about what we hope to see in the upcoming event, but we’re just as interested to find out what you think. What’s your verdict on the skins confirmed so far? What other skins and cosmetics do you hope to see when the event goes live on April 16? What do you think about the rumors going around about Sojourn and the possibility of a new hero? Let us know in the comments section below!

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