Dallas Fuel’s Cocco Departs And Takes A Break From Overwatch

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Christian "cocco" Jonsson
Christian "cocco" Jonsson Liquipedia

Dallas Fuel announced that Christian "cocco" Jonsson is no longer be part of the team and is retiring from the Overwatch League.

In a video released by the team, Jonsson revealed that it "took a lot mentally to get through the growing pains of becoming an Overwatch League team." He had joined the team in Season 1, playing Tank. By Season 2, cocco moved to the role of assistant coach. On his new role, Jonsson said he thought it "would be a good change of perspective, but I felt that Overwatch is no longer for me anymore." Explaining further, he said that it was never about the team or the set-up. He was no longer enjoying the game as much as he did and at the same time not enjoying living in California.

Jonsson was part of the Dallas Fuel when they took one of the top three spots during the Overwatch League - Inaugural Preseason back in 2017. With regards to his future, Jonsson said he plans to return to Sweden and take time to relax. He is looking into streaming, but has no fial decision yet.

Aside from Jonsson's departure, the Dallas Fuel have also completed a trade with the Boston Uprising, getting Lucas "NotE" Meissner in exchange for Richard "rCk" Kanerva. Meissner is expected to play as the team's Flex Tank. The team also brought in Julien "daemoN" Ducros as assistant coach to work with tank players.

Other team changes in the Overwatch League include Dongwook "Don" Kim leaving the Toronto Defiant as their Strategic Coach, and Coach Mark " Obasill" Regush of the Washington Justice leaving as well. Andrej "baybay" Francisty, meanwhile, has opted to leave the San Francisco Shock and join Atlanta Reign.

The changes are expected as the Overwatch League is currently in its off-season. Starting August 1, teams must decide which players' contracts will be extended for the second year. They are also allowed to trade players or sign players from their own Contenders squad during this period. By September 9, any player whose contract was not extended are immediately considered as free agents. The period of September 9 to October 7 is considered the free agent signing window, but is exclusive for expansion teams. After that period, all teams may sign free agents. The teams need to have at least eight eligible players in their roster by December 8.

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