Overwatch Guide: How To Play Baptiste Best

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Here's a quick guide to playing Baptiste the right way.
Here's a quick guide to playing Baptiste the right way. Blizzard

Baptiste is without a doubt one of the most versatile heroes in Overwatch. Not only can he help heal and boost allies, but he can also prove to be a lethal addition to the team. He has skills that allow him to reposition himself on the map, giving him the much-needed space to heal or boost his allies. Here is a quick guide on how to play him best in Overwatch.

Know Your Weapon

Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher is pretty much like Ana’s Biotic Rifle. It can deal both healing and damage. Obviously, your main priority is to give out healing, but it does not mean you can keep yourself from inflicting damage to your opponents. Apparently, this hero can do great when you start spamming his alternate fire, which launches healing grenades. If you are hoping to get a quick kill, make sure to go for headshots as his three-round-burst primary fire can barely do damage.

Understand Your Counters

Just because someone picked a counter for Baptiste does not mean you will not have a solid round on the battlefield. The tricky thing about this hero is his size, which is quite big for a support role. As a result, he can easily take damage as a tank. In that case, look out for heroes like Hanzo and Widowmaker as they can prey on you. That said, since your primarily role is to be a support hero, make sure to stick by your tanks like Reinhardt. That way, they can soak up the damage instead of you.

Play Closer With Your Team

Unlike other support heroes, Baptiste is the type that needs to play close to his allies. He should be there to provide healing when needed. Also, playing closely with your allies means that you will not be susceptible to damage, allowing you to provide your role in plays. However, do not be afraid to inflict damage to enemies and always aim for headshots as often as possible. Keep in mind, too, that Baptiste's ultimate can charge up fast, so do not be afraid to use it when necessary.

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