Overwatch Guide: How To Not Suck At Playing Genji

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Genji is a high skill ceiling hero, one that requires patience and proper decision making.
Genji is a high skill ceiling hero, one that requires patience and proper decision making. Blizzard Entertainment

Genji is one of the most picked heroes in Overwatch. This is quite ironic given the fact that he is a high skill ceiling hero. You should know where to jump, so you can really be effective even at a close range. Your Deflect should be activated at the right time, so it can actually turn into hero kills. Unfortunately, players who love to pick the cyborg ninja often forget to maximize this warrior’s true fighting nature.

Not only is he equipped with enhanced speed and agility, he also has the most nerve-wracking ultimate in the game. If you want to improve your Genji plays, then you have come to the right place. Here are some tips on how to play this killing machine the right way.

Maximize His Passive

Genji’s passive allows him to climb walls and double jump on command. That is why he is a hard one to catch, as you barely know where he is striking from. He can kill you from a distance with his Shurikens or decapitate your head with this sword.

By maximizing his passive, you are able to confuse enemies and find a weak entry. So, as much as possible, try to climb walls and double jump from a distance. Keep in mind as well that this passive ability is perfect for flanking enemies.

Close Combat and Fan of Blades

A common mistake players make when playing Genji in Overwatch is using his primary skill (Shuriken) when in close combat. Since the skill sends out three projectiles in a successive manner, the enemy can easily go out of the battlefield and dodge them. But if you are going for the Fan of Blades, the outcome can be different. Genji still lets out three Shurikens, but the rate they are fired are all at once. Not only does this deal more damage, but your firing becomes quicker.

It is a perfect go-to skill when fighting tanks in close range. They can easily die from these projectiles. Of course, this is smart when fighting close combat, since Genji’s health points are easy to deal with.

Be Smart When Using Dragon Blade

If you have seen the likes of ShaDowburn and Seagull (both main Genji), they are very patient in using the hero’s ultimate Dragon Blade. Because really, why unsheathe the sword when you can eliminate enemies using the character’s basic skills? If you are like many pub Genji players, then your chances of winning matches and progressing to higher ranks are low.

Learn to use his ultimate skill wisely. Discern if the situation does not call for an ultimate, so you can have better use of it in the push. And when you are going to pull it out, make sure that you are coming from a location where you can surprise enemies. It could be jumping from a building or dashing your way to the battlefield.

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