This Fan-Made Overwatch Ana 'Plague Doctor' Looks Sick

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Whether you main Ana or not, you certainly want to get hold of this skin.
Whether you main Ana or not, you certainly want to get hold of this skin. JSmilesDaniel/DeviantArt

Ever since the release of Overwatch, fans have been singing praises about the game’s aesthetic appeal. It eventually came to a point where fans create and upload their own skin concepts online. This Ana in a Plague Doctor skin is just one of those iterations in the community.

Ana is a popular hero in the game partly due to her interesting backstory. According to the game’s lore, she was involved in the army as a sniper and worked closely with Jack Francis Morrison, also known as Soldier: 76. Given her character background, it is no surprise why fans would love to see this skin concept in the game.

The concept was posted by a JSmilesDaniel on DeviantArt, and it has since attracted a good amount of attention on Reddit. Fans applauded the creator for his unique execution of putting two completely different characters together with ease.

As you can see in the image below, Reaper already has two skins in Overwatch called Plague Doctor and Nevermore. They only differ in terms of color.

Reaper and two of his Overwatch skins.
Reaper and two of his Overwatch skins. Blizzard Entertainment

The concept features a long beak mask, which is a nod to plague doctors known for treating patients of the infamous bubonic plague during outbreaks. These outbreaks happened between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Obviously, these masks do not necessarily fit in today’s modern times. Due to their distinctive look and appeal, they work perfectly with Reaper. And yes, they did so as well with Ana.

JSmilesDaniel brought together the same elements from the original concept but added the iconic bird-like headpiece. It is then covered by a huge cape, embracing the character’s head and body. Ultimately, the concept gives the hero a very different look, especially when you compare it to other Ana skins Blizzard introduced in Overwatch.

Fans are now hoping that the studio will bring the DeviantArt user’s skin to the game. While it could definitely be a hit, the studio has yet to actually incorporate fan-made skin concepts into the game. There were similar iterations before, most of which included the heroes Genji and Hanzo. However, the studio did not release them in Overwatch.

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