Overwatch's D.Va In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Unlikely To Happen

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A leak suggests that the next Smash character would be D.Va from Overwatch.
A leak suggests that the next Smash character would be D.Va from Overwatch. Blizzard

Super Smash Bros. fans were stoked after a supposed “leak” suggested that a hero from Overwatch would be joining the Ultimate roster. Alas, it is not happening.

The leak was reportedly posted on 4chan and claimed that a new Smash character would be unveiled come September 12. It has long been rumored to be a female fighter that was not only deemed “a demanded character,” but also one that could greatly “disappoint and confuse” a good number of people in and outside the community.

Moreover, the leak implied that the female character would arrive with her so-called “mecha.” The term alone has stirred interest among fans and critics alike, especially since it seems to point to D.Va from Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch.

The narrative later on begged the question of whether or not the mech riding hero would join the Ultimate roster. And clearly, the Amazon leak of an Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case added more fuel to the fire.

The only catch, however, is that leaks like these are common on 4chan and message boards. 4chan, in particular, is infamous for being a home to gazillions of “fake leakers” whose goals are to simply spread false information. Of course, it would be interesting to see the Overwatch hero in the game alongside Mario, Samus, and Pikachu, and to see how Nintendo might incorporate D.Va and her Mech into Smash.

As mentioned, this piece of information came from 4chan, which can be very unreliable. And since there is no way to verify the claim, let alone confirm whether the OP is trolling, it would be best to take the “leak” with more than a grain of salt.

So, as far as who the next Smash character will be, it is clearly unknown. It could be Tracer or D.Va, or probably a completely different character from other titles. Both Blizzard and Nintendo have been tight-lipped about any possible crossover, although it definitely interests a good number of fans and players across the globe.

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