Overwatch Workshop Mode Introduces Dummy Bots, Dancing Reinhardts

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Only in Overwatch Workshop could you see a bunch of Reinhardts dancing.
Only in Overwatch Workshop could you see a bunch of Reinhardts dancing. Darwin Streams

Blizzard has just released a new test patch region for Overwatch. It reportedly brings a deluge of changes to the game’s Workshop mode.

The experimental mode is specifically designed to give players the ability to create their own games. Perhaps the most significant in all of its features is adding dummy bots. Basically, these are characters with no human intervention, let alone having an AI configuration to drive their actions.

As for crafty Overwatch players, they can make use of scripting tools in an attempt to achieve whatever they like. With the amount of excitement the Workshop mode has brought, it is without a doubt one of the most interesting features Blizzard has added thus far. For instance, players are reportedly using dummy bots to create scenarios to help in aim training. They have seen this as an opportunity to better handle tricky characters like Doomfist. Keep in mind, though, that this was doable before. However, the only way to achieve it was to have another player sit idle in the hero’s place. Obviously, it was an inefficient workaround.

With the Workshop mode, a lot of possibilities can be opened up. And this is where you can beautifully choreograph a bunch of Reinhardts and have them dance to whatever tune you like. Thanks to a well-known Workshop streamer named Darwin, we get to see this quirky manipulation in action.

If you want to recreate the same thing, feel free to do so. In fact, there is a website that gives you access to a slew of weird, yet wonderful codes. Unfortunately, not all of them can be applied to the test server, but there is plenty to look at!

The Overwatch PTR patch also brings a couple of changes to Bastion, Sigma, and Zarya. But the most significant change yet is nerfing Symmetra. The change is quite surprising, since she’s the least used hero in the game. In fact, her pick and win rates have spiralled down since the game’s release. Of course, these changes are still unofficial. Some of them could find their way to the official server while others may not.

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