Overwatch 2: Season 4 Begins Tomorrow and Will Introduce Newest Support Hero

New Support Hero: Lifeweaver
New Support Hero: Lifeweaver Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

The fourth season of Overwatch 2 begins tomorrow and the main highlight is the arrival of the newest support hero: Lifeweaver!

Meet the New Hero

Lifeweaver is the latest support hero in Overwatch 2. A nature-loving fellow who hails from Thailand, Lifeweaver harnesses his advanced biolight technology to give his allies a helping hand when the situation gets tough.

What makes Lifeweaver interesting is that he actually has two different primary fire abilities. The first is Healing Blossom where he sends a charged-up luminescent flower that heals the wounds of his allies. The longer he charges the blossom, the more healing it provides.

If his team requires him to deal damage, he can rely on his second primary fire called Thorn Volley. When he uses his weapon’s offensive capabilities, he fires damaging biolight thorns at his enemies in a scattered pattern. According to developers, Lifeweaver’s Thorn Volley deals relatively more damage than the other support heroes in Overwatch 2.

For utility, Lifeweaver can use his Petal Platform that he and his allies can step on, giving them a lift when the need arises. What’s more, anyone who steps on the platform can launch themselves higher by jumping as soon as the platform reaches its maximum height.

Lifeweaver can also sustain himself with Rejuvenating Dash. As the name implies, Lifeweaver dashes in his traveling direction and gets a healing-over-time effect as soon as he arrives at the destination.

Now, if any of his allies are thrown out the stage, Lifeweaver can use his Life Grip ability to reel them back in. This ability envelopes his allies with protective biolight as well, making them invulnerable to all damage while in flight. This ability was inspired by Roadhog’s Hook but the developers want it to support allies instead of damaging enemies.

In the event of a team clash, Lifeweaver can provide so much healing with his Tree of Life ultimate. When used, this ability prompts Lifeweaver to put up a huge tree that pulses biolight, periodically healing allies as it lives. Not only that but this provides cover for his allies as well, meaning enemies cannot shoot at Lifeweaver’s team or pass through the tree.

All in all, Lifeweaver’s abilities make him a valuable asset to the team. He can damage enemies using Thorn Volley and has a suite of tools that can save and shield his teammates.

So, what can you say about the newest support hero in Overwatch 2?

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