Overwatch 2: Nintendo Switch Port May Have "Some Compromises"

Overwatch 2 PvP
Overwatch 2 PvP Blizzard

Overwatch 2 has no release date at present, but some information has already been revealed. The game will be supported on multiple platforms, including Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. However, Nintendo Switch users might not get the full experience as some compromises have to be made, according to the game’s technical director.

Over a month ago, Blizzard held a developer AMA on Reddit that gave fans the freedom to ask questions about the upcoming sequel.

Some Compromises Have to Be Made

Redditor @Overwatch2Fan said on the developer AMA that they like how the sequel is looking so far. They’ve mentioned the Rio mission, which was showcased in the Overwatch 2 reveal trailer, and said that the game was rendered in amazing detail.

The Redditor, as a Nintendo Switch user, expressed worry that the console may not handle the higher graphics. Though, the console may still have a smooth PvP experience due to the 5v5 change.

Furthermore, the Redditor asked what compromises are made in order for the game to be available on Switch. Fortunately, the question has been answered by none other than John Lafleur, the game’s technical director.

Lafleur answered that the hardware has advanced since the launch of the original game. This allowed the developers to incorporate more high-end features in the sequel.

The devs are hard at work to make sure that players will get the best possible experience, especially in PvE. “Switch is a little more challenging than some, and we'll have to make some compromises there,” he said.

He also said that the Switch version might not have the higher-end visual enhancements that can be seen on other platforms, though he didn’t elaborate. Although it is unclear what Lafleur meant exactly with that statement, one thing seems certain: The Switch version will prioritize performance over aesthetics.

The game’s technical director ended his post by saying that they’ll focus on incorporating gameplay-related features first, then “accentuate with additional features as much as possible."

What can you say about what Lafleur said? Do you play Overwatch on Nintendo Switch? If so, are you affected by this?

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