Overwatch 2: Bastion's Possible Rework for Recon and Sentry Forms

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Several days after a livestream showcase, Blizzard hosted Overwatch's fifth anniversary of its developer AMA on Reddit. The company gave fans the chance to ask any questions that they may have about the upcoming sequel.

Redditor “Classic_Lee” posted the question about Bastion being reworked from the ground up. They referenced the news blog post from the official Blizzard website about some major hero changes that are being done for Overwatch 2.

The Redditor wanted to ask some specifics about Bastion’s changes and he tagged the game’s lead hero designer Geoff Goodman for comment. Thankfully, Goodman replied with some juicy details.

What You Can Expect

To address how the game’s lovable Omnic robot will be reworked, Goodman and his colleagues asked, “what is the core of this hero that feels like we should make sure to preserve.”

Bastion is a robot with two forms - a mobile Recon form and stationary Sentry mode. Goodman believes that the character’s Recon form should have a far better range than it currently has, which may require a total overhaul.

For the Sentry form, one of the most common complaints is the penalty for mobility in exchange for high damage output. So, for it to be more viable, the developers are thinking of giving the character some movement while in that mode, likely slower than normal.

These changes could potentially even out the different forms the character can do. However, keep in mind that these things are still subject to change. The supposed rework that Goodman mentioned may either push through or it may be scrapped entirely.

The lead hero designer ended his comment by stating that they are still in the middle of the process and they may provide more details later in the year.

If any of these proposed changes make it to the final version of the game, it may entice players to choose Bastion, especially in competitive play.

What do you think about what Goodman said? Does the character’s rework make it more appealing to you?

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