Overwatch 2 Developers May Have Changed PvP Landscape Forever

Overwatch 2 PvP
Overwatch 2 PvP Blizzard

Have you seen the Overwatch 2 live stream event yesterday? The event showcased what Blizzard has in store for fans. But what’s particularly interesting is how the developers may have changed the game’s PvP landscape forever.

In the live stream, game director Aaron Keller said that the sequel to Overwatch will have 5v5 PvP matches as opposed to the original 6v6.

Keller said that the team composition will consist of two damage heroes, two healers, and one tank. The rationale behind this move is having 11 other players on the screen makes everything very hard to track. Removing two would make it more bearable for players to understand what’s happening on the battlefield.

He also added that they’ve tried experimenting with 4v4 and 7v7 setups before yet 5v5 appeared to be easier for everybody.

How it Changed the PvP Landscape

Since each team is limited to only one tank, people would have to change the way a tank hero is played.

According to Keller, this would mean that the tank should be more aggressive and take more offensive approaches.

Lead hero designer Geoff Goodman said that because of the new setup, some tanks will have additional abilities under their belts to compensate.

For example, Winston can fire a blast of lightning that can be used as a long-range attack, while Reinhardt will have the ability to cancel his charge at any time, among many others.

Some aggressive tanks like D.Va and Roadhog may also have their stats augmented to make them a bit tankier than before. D.Va may even have improved matrix shields to help her team. These things are still experimental and may be subject to change before the game’s release.

The new setup is going to be introduced in Overwatch 2’s Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Push, which is a new PvP game mode.

What do you think about the 5v5 team setup? Are you okay with the idea or should they just stick to the original formula instead?

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