Overwatch 2 June 13 Patch Tweaks Lifeweaver, Cassidy, Junker Queen, and More

Junker Queen Blizzard

Overwatch 2 has been content-starved for a long time, but that changed recently. Season 5 went live yesterday and it brought a ton of content and a plethora of changes. The developer released the very lengthy patch notes detailing all the improvements and tweaks that you should expect.

Here, we will mention all the balancing changes for heroes. Ten of them have been tweaked; some received minor nerfs, like Moira and Tracer, while others, like Cassidy and Lifeweaver, received multiple meta changing adjustments.


  • Rampage
    • Ultimate cost increased by 15%.
  • Commanding Shout
    • Temporary health reduced from 200 to 150.


  • Take a Breather
    • Now amplifies healing received by 50% for 2.5 seconds after finishing Take a Breather.


  • Magnetic Grenade
    • No longer has a maximum projectile travel range of 10 meters.
    • The projectile now magnetizes toward an enemy target from 1.5 meters away and chases them for up to 1 second.
    • Impact damage increased from 0 to 10.
    • Explosion damage reduced from 120 to 70.
    • Stuck targets now have their movement slowed by 30%.
    • Stuck targets are now affected by a "Hindered" status effect, interrupting and preventing movement abilities from being activated.


  • Sonic Arrow
    • Impact sound effect now plays for enemies.
    • Visual effect is now briefly visible to enemies when first deployed.
  • Storm Bow
    • Maximum damage reduced from 125 to 120.


  • Endothermic Blaster
    • Damage per second reduced from 100 to 55.
    • Primary fire slow is no longer always 40% and now scales from 30-50%.
    • Primary fire impacts now build up to a slowing effect that sticks to the enemy target for 1.5 seconds and slows them for 75%.
    • Secondary fire impacts can detonate this new slow effect, dealing an additional 40 damage.


  • Wraith Form
    • Can no longer be activated while affected by mobility-locking effects (Magnetic Grenade, Steel Trap, Graviton Surge, etc.).


  • Pulse Pistols
    • Spread increased by 15%.


  • Widow's Kiss
    • Scoped shot damage falloff min-max range reduced from 70-100 to 40-60 meters.
    • Scoped shot maximum damage falloff scalar increased from 30 to 50%.


  • General
    • Petal ornaments on his back have had their size and hit volume reduced by 10%.
  • Healing Blossom
    • Maximum healing increased from 65 to 75.
  • Thorn Volley
    • Damage per projectile increased from 5 to 6.
    • Projectile radius increased from 0.1 to 0.125.
    • Ammo increased from 60 to 70.
  • Petal Platform
    • Walkable area increased by 15%.
    • Area to trigger lift now shrinks from a radius of 2 to 0.75 meters after initial placement.
  • Life Grip
    • Cooldown reduced from 20 to 16 seconds.
    • Now heals the target ally for 50 health.
  • Tree of Life
    • Ultimate cost increased by 8%.


  • Fade
    • Can no longer be activated while affected by mobility-locking effects (Magnetic Grenade, Steel Trap, Graviton Surge, etc.).

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Overwatch 2 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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