Jeff Kaplan Talks Overwatch 2 Story Length

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The game director revealed some interesting details about the upcoming title's story length.
The game director revealed some interesting details about the upcoming title's story length. Blizzard

Fans and players alike were shocked when Blizzard finally revealed a new iteration of its flagship esports title Overwatch. Apparently, the popular first-person shooter game is confirmed for an official sequel in the near future.

The most interesting and significant change the studio will be introducing to Overwatch 2 is the inclusion of a full-fledged story mode. Unfortunately, during the big reveal at BlizzCon 2019, the studio kept everything under wraps as to how extensive the mode will be. As a result, players of the community have been wondering just how significant this portion of PvE will be when the game arrives.

Fortunately, the game director himself, Jeff Kaplan, revealed some interesting details on the length of the entire Overwatch 2 story.

In an interview, Kaplan clarified that the sequel, contrary to popular belief, is not necessarily an expansion. It is not even a DLC, which is what most players before the confirmation believed the sequel to be.

"This isn’t just DLC or an expansion,” Kaplan said in the interview. “I play a lot of games. I can’t think of a single DLC or expansion of this magnitude.” Kaplan has been the face of the development side of the game, so anything he says definitely has some merit.

Moreover, Kaplan went to reveal how the story mode of the upcoming game will look like. He said that it will be "a complete story experience like you would expect from any triple-A blockbuster game.”

The only kind of PVE content that Overwatch has ever had since its release has arrived in the form of limited-time events. These events have given players the opportunity to experience and complete a variety of missions.

Considering the many animated shorts and comic books, it only makes sense for the entire community to easily fall in love with the game’s universe. With Overwatch 2, Blizzard will finally have a chance to make the PVE element of the franchise shine.

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