Overhit Adds Two New Heroes In Massive Content Update

Latest update released.
Latest update released. NEXON

Overhit has released an update that brings a massive amount of new content to the game. In particular, the update introduces two new heroes and even a new hero grade.

In Overhit, the world is facing the threat of the Conclave corporation. In order to save the world, players need to enlist the help of the resistance army, the famed Black Wings.

As a visual masterpiece, Overhit not only lets players enjoy epic battles, but a cinematic experience as well. Even in mobile format, players are going to be amazed at the fantasy world that has been rendered in stimulating console-inspired 3D characters and locations. Talking about characters, players get to choose from at least 120 different heroes, each having their own unique abilities and characteristics. Making the game even more exciting is that each character is brought to life through renowned anime voice actors. These include Ishikawa Kaito (Genos of One Punch Man), Uchida Aya (Hatsume Aoba of Release the Spyce), and Morikawa Toiyuki (Kazuma Soma of Fruits Basket).

For this newest update, new content includes:

  • New Hero Grade
    • All Specialty Super Rare (SSR) heroes that are obtained from the Legendary Gacha can now be upgraded to the powerful SSR+ tier.
    • These include Aglaea (Water), Ludmila (Fire), and Edmund (Wind).
  • Powerful Allies
    • Two new SSR+ tier heroes are introduced.
      • The first is monster hunter Aizen (Dark), who can deal serious martial and mythical damage.
      • The second is Grey (Light), a hero that appears to have a pleasant demeanor but may actually have a secret dark side.
  • ‘Spacetime Rift’ Dungeon
    • Players can test their merits in the new PvE event dungeon, packed with foes summoned from the Rifts between worlds.
  • ‘Iroha’ Dungeon
    • This limited-time dungeon tests player skills at three levels and includes beautiful cut scenes along with valuable rewards.
  • Pendant System
    • Each character can now equip up to three pendants that unlocks special powers for them.
  • Costume Shop
    • Shiraki (Wave Splitter), Agnes (Serene Summer), and Francesca (Blazing Sun) costumes are now available for hero customization.
  • Hero Synthesis System Update
    • Players can obtain SSR hero’s soul stones and soul stone pieces if they synthesize two Level 40 SR heroes.
  • Special Events
    • Check out several festive events including Light Hero events, Angelo’s Bingo Mission Event, Luna’s Marble Event, and special arena server cooperation event.

The latest update for this turn-based action role-playing mobile game can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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