Hitman 2 Patch Notes: Update 2.60.0 Adds Smart Casual Pack

Update 2.60.0 is here.
Update 2.60.0 is here. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 released update 2.60.0, which is sure to make Expansion Pass owners happy. The update adds the Smart Casual Pack, which includes the Smart Casual Suit along with the ICA Flash Phone and the IO Elite S2VP Earphones.

For all owners of the game, the update offers a wide range of quality-of-life improvements as well as numerous fixes and tweaks.

One major change that came with 2.60.0 is related to Sniper Chamber Reload Speed. When in scoped mode, all Sniper Rifles now have a visual indicator of how long it takes Agent 47 to add another bullet to the chamber or how long it takes before Agent 47 can fire another shot. This new addition is, however, visible only for Sniper Rifles and on campaign/sandbox missions and Sniper Assassin maps. Not only that, there is also going to be an indicator to show how many bullets are left before needing to reload.

Sniping made better.
Sniping made better. IO Interactive

This is indeed a welcome change since it makes your gameplay that much more exciting.

Other changes that came with update 2.60.0 include:

  • Not That Fast
    • The update made a change, which serves as a follow-up to the change done in April, when the "Exit Mission" prompt is available. When you manage to eliminate the final target, there is now a three-second delay until said prompt appears and players can exit.
  • Sniper Assassin SA
    • This change ensures that the "Sniper Assassin" challenge is unlocked once you complete the needed requirements and earn the SA rating. Before the update, players would be awarded the SA rating even if Agent 47 is spotted by the target before they can share that knowledge. This was however not applied to the "Sniper Assassin" challenges. What this meant that players could earn the SA rating but not unlock said challenge.
  • Vault Lasers
    • Update 2.60.0 makes the laser beams present in the New York bank more visible and easier to see in Instinct. Though this issue wasn't really reported, the team at Hitman 2 saw that a long of players enabled Instinct on livestreams and expected to get a better overview of the security system of the vault.

You can view all other changes with update 2.60.0 here.

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