Rainbow Six Siege to Introduce Rework on Shield for Year 9

Some interesting changes coming. Ubisoft

Year 9 of Rainbow Six Siege is all set to start this March. Operation Deadly Omen introduces a new menacing masked antagonist who's bringing with him a truly interesting device. Another interesting addition is the new shield rework which should be exciting to those who use Operators Montagne, Blitz, and Fuze.

One big change is that Operators equipped with a Ballistic Shield can now keep it in front even while sprinting. In addition, they can now push through a barricade without the need to hit them twice. What else? Well, there's now what's known as a free look ability where these Operators can do various actions like observing their surroundings or watching out for threats without the need to move the shield out of position.

But wait, there's more! These three Operators can now function even better as tanks. That's because they can now melee with their shields and deal not only pushback but also 65hp damage. Then there's the effect of suppressive fire. The Operator is going to be suppressed while the Ballistic Shield receives too many bullet impacts. While suppressed, operator not only cannot sprint but visibility is reduced based on the intensity of the effect.

Sight Changes

Another change is on the matter of sights. In particular, the speed of aiming down sights have been slowed down slightly with sights themselves being adjusted accordingly. When Year 9 goes live, sights are going to grouped into four categories which are:

  • iron sights
  • universal (1x)
  • magnified
  • telescopic

Players should take note that the 1.5x magnification level is being removed with the one-time fan-favorite combo of an ACOG sight (magnified) on the R4C assault rifle is making a return.

Other Updates

Here are some of the other changes to look forward to:

  • Azami's Kiba Barriers are now destructible with bullets.
    • The faster the damage stacks up, the quicker the barrier comes down.
  • More maps, more Operators, and more AI improvements are coming to Versus AI and Training modes.
  • A menu called the Locker gives players a new way to peruse, sort, equip and manage their cosmetic collections and cosmetic packs.
  • The animation and smoothness of rappelling is improved, fueled in part by new motion capture.
  • LMGs receives a balancing pass to generally make their recoil easier to control and to make players slightly slower when using the powerful support weapons.

Check out the complete list of changes here. You can also learn more about the DeathMark Tracker gadget by Deimos here.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game launched in 2015 and made available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. In 2020, it was released for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

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