Oninaki Demo Now Available, New Customization Trailer Released

The latest trailer focues on the game's 'Upgrade and Customize' mechanic.
Oninaki is set for release in Japan on August 22.
Oninaki is set for release in Japan on August 22. Square Enix

Square Enix’s new role-playing game Oninaki has just dropped a demo, along with a new “Upgrade and Customize” trailer. The demo for the three platforms (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam) is already up and available in Europe and North America.

This action RPG title comes from developer Tokyo RPG Factory and legendary publisher Square Enix, and puts the player in the shoes of the Watcher Kagachi. The Watchers' task is to guide the wandering souls known as the Lost, and serve as keepers of the Living World and the Beyond. They are responsible for severing the bonds that tie these Lost souls to the living world, and send them on to the Beyond. As a Watcher, the player must navigate the emotions of the living and the dead and are expected to prize life above all else.

The game starts when you, Watcher Kagachi, are possessed by daemons in the middle of executing your duties as Watcher and fighting the Fallen. These daemons represent the typical “job” roles present in a traditional RPG. By harnessing the powers of different daemons, your skills and abilities whilst in battle are enhanced. In what is called the Daemon Battle System, it is imperative that you strategize and choose a daemon that would match your enemy’s traits to be successful. In their newly released trailer entitled “Upgrade and Customize”, some of the game’s skill and equipment mechanics are showcased.

For those interested in dipping their toes in the “life and death” themed RPG, the Oninaki demo includes a “Story Mode” that lets you experience the opening part of an epic tale about life, death, and reincarnation. It also has a “Battled Mode” where you can test the waters by trying out the combat mechanics using an upgraded character already possessed by four daemons. If you end up loving the game, you can transfer your progress from the demo’s Story Mode to the full game, should you choose to buy it.

You can check out the character reveal trailer here, and the ‘Daemon’ introductory trailer here.

Oninaki will release worldwide for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 22.

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