One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Offers 3 New DLC Packs

OnePiecePirate4 New DLC
We're just seeing red. Bandai Namco

Three new DLC packs are now available in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4. The first DLC is the One Piece Film: Red Character Pack and adds three new characters, each one bringing with them new move sets to go against those enemy hordes. The character pack can be purchased separately but is already included for those who already have the Character Pass 2.

The first character added is Uta (Film: Red). She is a childhood friend of Luffy and is the adoptive daughter of Shanks. This worldwide famous singer is living on Elegia island and wants to start a new life that's free from pirates, whom she despises. Her beautiful voice combined with the powers granted by the Sing-Sing Fruit let her activate Uta World and attack by sending the musical notes and confections she creates bouncing around. Uta can also transform into the Uta Knight and fly freely in the battlefield.

The second character is none other than the red-haired Shanks (Film: Red) who returns as a playable character to the game. He is a skilled swordsman along with being a powerful Haki user. It's been years since he left his adoptive daughter on Elegia and now returns to try and save her and even the island from a tragic end.

Finally, there's Koby (Film: Red). This once shy and fearful soldier has come a long way and is now a respected leader in the Marines. His active role in the SWORD unit has led him to Elegia island where he investigates the influence that Uta has on the inhabitants. Koby fighting style is hand-to-hand using the Six Powers. When he lands his most powerful attacks it increases morale and enhance support attacks.

In addition to the Character Pack DLC, the Additional Episode 2 DLC which is titled "Koby's Combat Chronicles & Soul Map 2", offers a new single player content. This new content is available under the Additional Episode pack or can be purchased separately.

The third piece of DLC that's available is the One Piece Film: Red Anime Song Pack. As players fight against the waves of enemies, they get to listen along to the One Piece Film: Red soundtrack. Once this is purchased, the movie's soundtrack can be chosen from the settings, in the battle preparation screen, right before jumping into action.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is available for the PC via Steam along with consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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