Two Paid DLC Chapters Coming to Final Fantasy XVI

Get to enjoy two new stories. Square Enix

Square Enix announced that two paid DLC chapters are coming to Final Fantasy XVI. The first one is titled "Echoes of the Fallen" and is actually now on the PlayStation Store. The second DLC is "The Rising Tide" and expected to be released in Spring 2024. Meanwhile those who bought the Final Fantasy XVI Expansion pass can get these two chapters at a discounted price.

With "Echoes of the Fallen," players can look forward to a new story and a new level cap. There's also going to be new battles, weapons, and accessories, to name a few. The chapter is set before the final battle of the base game. In this one it appears that strange and dark crystals have started to circulate on the black market. Players follow Clive and company as they investigate this issue. The group had recently encountered some suspicious traders which lead them to the long-abandoned Fallen tower called the Sagespire. It' now up to the team to uncover the secrets within.

Those who buy this new chapter, or the Expansion pass, can get their hands on special bonus items. These include Buster Sword which let Clive wield none other that Cloud Strife's iconic weapon in Final Fantasy VII. Another bonus item is the "Away (1987)" Orchestrion Roll which allows a chip-tune version of the song "Away" played as background music in the hideaway.

"The Rising Tide" chapter meanwhile is set to offer, among others, new challenges that include the confrontation between Clive and the legendary Eikon, Leviathan. You can learn more information about this new DLC chapters, as well as the Expansion Pass, on the official website here.

Final Fantasy XVI introduces players to a new story in the FINAL FANTASY universe. The game offers an epic dark fantasy which takes place in the realm of Valisthea. This is a land that's been blessed in the light of the Mothercrystals though the peace has started to falter with the spread of the Blight which has threatened to destroy their dominions.

The fate of the land is now at the hands of the Eikons, men and women who have been blessed with the ability to call upon mighty beasts and their Dominants. The game follows Clive Rosfield, a warrior who's been given the title of "First Shield of Rosaria" and has sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix, Eikon of Fire. Clive eventually gets caught up in a great tragedy and now swears revenge on the Dark Eikon known as Ifrit.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PlayStation 5 with a demo accessible over at the PlayStation Store.

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