OMG Zombies: Battle Your Way Through A Zombie Horde On Nintendo Switch

Pre-purchase available at Nintendo Store.
OMG Zombies!
OMG Zombies! Ghostlight

Developer Ghostlight has announced that OMG Zombies! will officially be coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 26. Pre-purchase for the game started on March 19, with a 75 percent discount for players who purchase the game prior to April 2.

OMG Zombies! is a reimagining of the classic and highly acclaimed PlayStation Portable game OMG-Z. Like the original game, the new version is set in the fictional city of Redfield, which is experiencing an outbreak of zombies. What makes the zombies different from other games is that when shot, they immediately explode. Body parts go flying, and if they hit other zombies, those also explode. This means players can kill a large number of zombies with a single shot.

For OMG Zombies!, players encounter eight various strains of zombies and need to fight through 100 branching levels, going across a total of 40 distinct environments. Along the way, players can earn shiny medals and cash in order to purchase upgrades, all of which can make zombies explode even more.

The Switch version also comes with a number of new features, such as the SNIPER SCOPE. This allows players to zoom in, making shots more precise.

OMG Zombies Sniper Scope
OMG Zombies Sniper Scope Ghostlight

In a crowd of zombies, it become difficult to determine which zombie has been targeted. To make this possible, the new version offers a TARGET HIGHLIGHT feature wherein the zombie being targeted will have a glowing red outline

OMG Zombies! also allows players to FAST FORWARD from 2x speed up to 8x speed. There is no more need to slowly wait for that perfect shot when zombies align. There is also a RESTART feature, allowing for an instant restart on levels. This helps improve farming, since players can choose to start at better start positions or even better barrel locations. TOUCH CONTROL has been adjusted and noww defaults to a scoped view. The scope has also been offset to ensure that players will be able to see what they are pressing.

For those who want to learn more, a manual has been added to the game’s Options menu. New players can learn more about the game through tutorials and go through them multiple times should they miss something.

OMG Zombies! is available on the Nintendo Store during the first two weeks after release for $1.24 and after April 2 jumps up to $4.99.

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