Official Monster Hunter Cookbook Launched In Japan

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise is apparently chock-full of delicious food.
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The Monster Hunter Cookbook will feature recipes for food items found in the Monster Hunter franchise.
The Monster Hunter Cookbook will feature recipes for food items found in the Monster Hunter franchise. Capcom

The Monster Hunter Cookbook has just been released in Japan, and fans are dying to try out any one of its 29 game-inspired recipes. The Cookbook features recipes for real-life interpretations of food items found across all of the titles in the Monster Hunter franchise. Fancy yourself a ‘Well-Done Steak’? It’s there. What about the famous ‘Chef’s Choice Platter’? It’s there, too. Okay, here’s a tough one - a Kut-ku Bean dish? It’s there!

My favorite section - Meat!
My favorite section - Meat! Capcom

While most of the ingredients in Monster Hunter cooking are fictional (I think the only one we have in real-life is water) there’s definitely some viable substitutes. Need some Queen Shrimp to complete your Canteen? Try some King Prawns. The Monster Hunter Cookbook is full of great recipes that make use of real-life ingredients to help bring your in-game food fantasies to life.

The Rice Section
The Rice Section Capcom

Of course, Capcom didn’t just say “Hey, you know what, let’s make a cookbook.” Fans have already been trying on their own to replicate the dishes they’ve seen in the world of Monster Hunter. There’s even the Hunter’s Bar in Tokyo, which is themed around the Monster Hunter franchise, serving dishes named after the ones you find in-game.

The Desserts Section
The Desserts Section Capcom

Thanks to the folks over at Siliconera, we also get to peek inside the Monster Hunter Cookbook and the different categories of dishes and recipes that it contains. Pictured below, the Monster Hunter Cookbook includes drinks and soup dishes, vegetable dishes, meat dishes (yum!), rice dishes, and even desserts!

The Vegetables Section
The Vegetables Section Capcom

Since it’s only been launched in Japan, the Monster Hunter Cookbook is currently only available in Japanese. Hopefully an English version will come out soon. However, if you can understand Japanese, you can get the Monster Hunter Cookbook now from Amazon Japan, where it’s available for 1,620 yen.

The Drinks and Soups Section
The Drinks and Soups Section Capcom

The Monster Hunter franchise is a great many things - it’s a brilliant adventure, it’s innovative gameplay, it’s an excellent way to kick back after a long day, and a breath of fresh air from some video game franchises that just keeping doing the same thing over and over. Monster Hunter is a long-running tradition of the best the video game industry has to offer - but apparently, it’s also a place where a love for food and new experiences can be nurtured and cultivated.

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