Oculus Rift Exclusive Chronos Now Coming To Nintendo Switch

Chronos is an action-adventure RPG hybrid that was built for VR but is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch.
Chronos is an action-adventure RPG hybrid that was built for VR but is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Gunfire Games

Nintendo has just announced that Chronos, a title that was previously exclusive to the Oculus Rift VR gaming headset, is making the move to the Switch. Although a leaked ESRB listing hinted that the game would be coming to Nintendo's hybrid console, the rumors were confirmed following an official announcement.

Developed by Gunfire Games, Chronos is an early VR game that came out back in 2016. Showcasing some of the best features of virtual reality gaming, Chronos was designed to be an atmospheric role-playing game combined with adventure game elements to provide an unparalleled level of immersion.

One of the unique gameplay mechanics in Chronos is that the player’s character is not immune to the effects of time, unlike in most other video game franchises. Instead, the player ages as he delves into the game’s main location and point of conflict - the Labyrinth. Players must then adapt to their age, starting off in the Labyrinth as young and agile adventurers, and eventually completing it as wizened sages empowered by magic and experience.

Chronos received mixed reviews at launch, but back in 2016, it explored the possibilities that were available to the gaming industry through virtual reality. However, now that it’s going to be available on the Nintendo Switch, one can’t help but wonder whether or not it will succeed on the new platform.

Chances are Chronos will only become even more popular once its available on Nintendo Switch. Unlike virtual reality platforms like Oculus Rift, Nintendo Switch has garnered mass appeal for its portability and relatively low cost compared to other modern gaming platforms. It’s no surprise that even platform-exclusives on Oculus Rift have decided to make the move to Nintendo Switch when video game giants like Blizzard and CD Projekt Red are doing the same.

What do you think about Chronos now being made available on Nintendo Switch? Do you think other VR games are going to follow suit? What VR games, or what games in general, do you hope to see come out for Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments section below!

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