Octopath Traveler Is Finally Coming To PC Via Steam in June

The JRPG will make its debut on a platform outside of Switch.
The beloved Switch title will finally see release on the PC.
The beloved Switch title will finally see release on the PC. Square Enix

A leak was posted last week regarding the release of Octopath Traveler for the PC, and now Square Enix is confirming it. The previously Switch-exclusive JRPG is seeing a Steam release on June 7.

The game was one of the bigger sleeper hits last year, and is a definite must-buy if you have a Nintendo Switch, bonus if you are a big fan of JRPGs. It features a very distinct retro-style, mixing 2D and 3D graphics for a certain surprising depth. The sprites and artwork are also top notch, while gameplay brings you back to simpler times when turn-based combat was still the rage.

Octopath Traveler takes place in the magical realm of Orsterra, and you play as eight distinct characters, each with their own personality, skill, stories and various motivations, all the while undertaking dangerous journeys in the pursuit of various goals.

The eight playable characters include:

  • Olberic: An experienced knight in search of redemption
  • Cyrus: A scholar whose book smarts don’t always equate to common sense
  • Tressa: An enthusiastic merchant who is travelling the world to hone her skills
  • Ophelia: A noble cleric on a pilgrimage to Orsterra’s holy sites
  • Primrose: A fallen noble on a quest to avenge her murdered father
  • Alfyn: A naïve apothecary determined to help people whatever the cost
  • Therion: A skilled thief trapped in an impossible situation
  • H’annit: An expert hunter, tracking down her missing master

While the Steam listing doesn’t really mention anything of note regarding enhancements over the original, it’s safe to say that the game might simply just be a simple port. The original release on Switch was only about a year ago, and there wouldn't be much time to overhaul graphics or mechanics. Steam-specific features have been added though, which include achievements, trading cards, and Steam saves through their cloud service.

There is no news yet if there will be any bonuses for this release, though the game is still a bit of time away before it launches so there could be more announcements in the future.

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