No Man's Sky: Waypoint Update Makes Fundamental Changes to Inventory System

Waypoint Update
Waypoint Update Hello Games

The recently released Waypoint Update for No Man’s Sky is quite an interesting one. That’s because it brings a ton of fundamental changes, most notably to the game’s inventory system.

First, the inventory received a visual overhaul, with the Technology and Cargo slots merged together to make things more seamless than before.

Furthermore, the general tab from the inventory is removed. This means that “Items” and “Technology” now have their own inventories. Not only that but the maximum number of slots per inventory has increased significantly as well, with about 120 new item slots and 60 technology slots.

Another notable change is that the cost of purchasing new inventory slots is reduced. Besides that, players can now choose exactly which slot to unlock should they buy new ones.

Here are the other changes to the inventory system implemented in the Waypoint Update for No Man’s Sky:

  • Inventories such as the ship, exosuit, freighter, etc, are no longer subdivided into multiple pages. Technology and Cargo inventories are displayed together on one page.
  • Inventory sections are now able to scroll, to accommodate these increased sizes.
  • Exocraft now makes use of the technology inventory. Exocraft inventories have been generally expanded.
  • Storage Container and Ingredient Storage inventories have been significantly increased, up to 50 slots each.
  • Item inventories can now be filtered to highlight specific item types.
  • Players can now adjust stack sizes and manually choose slots when arranging items inside storage or ingredient containers.
  • When transferring items to another inventory via quick transfer, free space is now represented as the number of slots rather than item counts.
  • When transferring items to storage containers via quick transfer, the item will be placed in a container that already contains other items of that type, rather than into the first available slot.
  • Refunded items (such as fuel from refiners or frigate upgrades from canceled expeditions) can now be refunded into inventory with space, rather than only into specific inventories.
  • Oxygen and Pure Ferrite have had their icons updated.
  • Salvaged Data has had its icon updated.
  • Log Encryption Keys, Factory Override Units and Salvaged Frigate Modules have had their icons updated.
  • Starship Storage Augmentations, Cargo Bulkheads, Multi-Tool Expansion Slots and Exosuit Expansion Units have had their icons updated.
  • Drop-Pod Coordinate Data has been replaced with an Exosuit Upgrade Chart that leads players directly to Drop Pods without having to use the signal booster. The charts can be found while exploring or purchased from a cartographer aboard the space station.

So, what can you say about the new inventory system?

No Man’s Sky Waypoint Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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