No Man's Sky Now More Immersive Thanks to VR Overhaul in Fractal Update

Fractal Update
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No Man’s Sky, the space exploration and adventure title developed by Hello Games, has come a long way since it was first released. It has now become more immersive thanks to the massive VR changes implemented in the newly released Fractal update.

Those playing No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 5 might want to get their hands on the new PlayStation VR 2 headset. That’s because support for the PSVR2 hardware has been added in the Fractal update, allowing players to enjoy the game in up to 4K resolution.

The PSVR2 ups the immersion by giving off subtle vibrations every time an environmental event occurs, such as the cockpit rumbling as the player’s ship breaches through the planetary atmosphere, or when titan worms move near the player’s location.

General VR improvements have been implemented as well. For one, the Personal Forcefield will now be attached to the player’s non-dominant hand, letting them deflect enemy fire more intuitively.

Base building in VR has also become more intuitive than ever. Now, players will be presented with placement options as part of the wrist projector wherever they look.

To maximize comfort while piloting a ship in VR, players can now set the distance of the UI and heads-up display according to their preferences.

Here are the other VR improvements in the Fractal update:

  • All VR players with a higher resolution headset now benefit from a sharper UI, placed at a more comfortable default distance from their eyes.
  • The VR play area boundaries are now far more lenient, reducing instances of the play area warning occurring unnecessarily.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause shaky or inaccurate VR cursor positioning over time.
  • VR players can now use hand controllers to position the Personal Forcefield directly, allowing for advanced combat tactics.
  • VR swimming controls have been significantly improved.
  • When base building in VR, snap-points and part previews now track the player’s head position rather than cursor.
  • The VR galaxy map experience and UI has been significantly improved.
  • It is now possible to travel through the galactic center in VR.
  • Fixed a VR-specific issue that could block interactions after using the galaxy map.
  • The “Scan” and “Change Weapon” right-hand wrist projector options are now usable inside starships and exocraft.
  • With the combat auto-follow behavior engaged, players are no longer required to have their hands on the flight stick to fire starship weapons in VR.
  • Changing speeds in the starship now gives a small amount of vibration in VR, to provide feedback that the throttle adjustment was successful.
  • VR players can now adjust their jetpack direction mid-flight while the teleport preview is being aimed.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when using VR teleport movement to navigate between the freighter hangar and bridge.

So, will you play No Man’s Sky in VR from now on?

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