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A recent update for Nintendo Switch has added an important feature to the eShop that now enables players to cancel pre-orders on digital purchases. On other gaming platforms, players can cancel both digital and physical pre-orders, and it's great to see the Switch has finally caught up. You can easily cancel your pre-orders by heading to the Switch's eShop, then selecting "Account Information" and looking for "Your Pre-Orders." From here you can select the "Cancel Pre-Order" option to cancel your pre-orders. Easy!

However, Nintendo isn't straight-forward with refunds. Even though Switch now has a refund option, it isn't a simple task to avail one. Online storefronts like Steam and Epic Games have easy refund methods, but Nintendo doesn't offer Switch users to request refunds from within the console. Switch users will have to call the Nintendo customer service helpline to request a refund. In most instances, refunds are reported to have been approved, but it's still a shame to see that feature cannot be accessed directly from within the console.

Nonetheless, it's still better than not having the option to refund digital purchases. With the cancelation feature now added to the eShop, players can easily pre-order games without worrying about refunds if they decide to change their minds later. The hybrid console has seen a recent surge in new game releases, and not all games turn out to be great. Therefore, players should now feel comforted that they finally have the option to cancel pre-orders.

Over the past three years, the Switch has received many updates, adding new features that have improved the console's stability. A recent sales report states that the Switch is the second best-selling Nintendo console of all time.

While we are on the topic of updates, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans should be excited, as the game recently received a big update which adds seasonal acorns, new DIY recipes, fish, bugs, sea creatures, and much more.

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