Nintendo Labo Game Modes And Garage Revealed In New Trailers

The various project you can create in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit
The various project you can create in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Nintendo

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Nintendo Labo . But this week the video game publisher released three new videos offering more detail about what Labo is, what the DIY kits can actually do, how they work with the Switch and other new functions.

However, the biggest reveal was the Toy-Con Garage, which allows players to customize their Labo experience. Check out the new Nintendo Labo overview trailer below.


Included with each Nintendo Labo kit is the Toy-Con Garage, accessible in Discover mode. Toy-Con Garage introduces basic principles of technology, allowing players to combine simple inputs and outputs to invent new ways to play with the projects.

The new trailer shows users creating a guitar and even a coin bank. We got to see the Garage in action during a press event earlier this month . There’s a lot players will be able to do with the Garage, and it may be the coolest feature of Labo.


The Variety Kit trailer explains some interesting features of each project. The HD rumble of the Joy-Cons help the RC Car to move. It uses the infrared sensors inside the controller to allow players to let their creation run in auto-pilot. It can even see in the dark using the IR sensor.

A two-player mode lets friends duke it out on one Switch. Finally, the RC Car cardboard will come with extra pieces to allow for more customization.


The video details the Fishing Rod’s functions and reveals some new information about the software that makes it work. Players will be able to journey through various stages and depths of the ocean to find new fish. The fish you catch can be placed in the aquarium, where you can view your captures using the Toy-Con Piano. Players will also be able to create and capture their own fish using the cardboard. That part isn’t detailed in the video, but it seems simple enough.


The Toy-Con House is home to a mysterious creature you can take care of. The video even shows minigames you can play with the mysterious creature, like bowling and jump rope.

By inserting special “key blocks,” you can manipulate what happens inside the house. Some examples from the trailer include adding a faucet to flood the house, and creating a wormhole by connecting two keys at the same time. Players can even change the location of the house when a special combination of keys are used.


The video showcases the Motorbike’s controls along with a new feature: creating your own stadium using the Toy-Con Scanner. You can scan your hands or anything else to raise the terrain of your stadium.

Using the Minibike function to draw in the air, your movements will then be translated into your own custom racetrack. You can customize your track further by choosing the weather, the type of road and where to place boosts.


With the Toy-Con Piano, players can modify the sounds coming out of the cardboard instrument. New features shown in the video include adjusting the sounds of the Piano through the recording studio. You’ll be able to change octaves, reverb and more in the studio, while also creating your own rhythms by using the rhythm cards. Players will also be able to cut out their own waveforms to create new sounds.


The most elaborate, and expensive, kit in Nintendo Labo the Robot Kit allows players to become the robot with wearable gear. The video details how to move and attack with the robot. It also reveals some new moves you can learn, like the Charge Punch, which allows the robot to launch a fist at buildings and UFOs. The Drill Kick lets players jump and then shatter through objects from above.

Players can customize their robot and play against a friend who also has a Robot Kit. You can even insert the Switch into the robot’s backpack to allow them to walk freely and make sounds like a robot.

Nintendo Labo releases April 20.

So what do you think of the Labo sets? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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