Nintendo Direct Recap For May 15: Super Mario Maker 2 Looks Great

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Nintendo has announced a Direct presentation later today for Super Mario Maker 2.
Nintendo has announced a Direct presentation later today for Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo

The latest Nintendo Direct just ended, and it came jam-packed with a host of new features, news and various surprises announced for Nintendo’s latest title, Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a direct sequel to the original Super Mario Maker which debuted on the Wii U. The game features a greater plethora of new and exciting features not present in its first iteration, which is amazing for fans of the Mario level creator. Here are some of the new features shared in the Nintendo Direct presentation:

  • Slopes – you can now create slopes, which change Mario’s movement from running to sliding. You can also pick how steep or gentle the slope is, which widens the options available for your courses.
  • Angry Sun – the angry sun is now available as one of the level’s enemies.
  • Snake blocks – you can place these blocks and manipulate their heading accordingly, which is great for platforming sections in giant chasms. Both the green and blue snake blocks are available, with the blue being faster than the green one.
  • On/off switch – you can now place on/off switches, which change the behavior of certain blocks, swapping between red and blue blocks. The on/off switch can also make the racks change direction, and change the speed of conveyor belts.
  • Seesaw – shift Mario’s weight between the two sides in order to reach the end.
  • Swinging claw – swing Mario from one place to another with the use of this tool.
  • Water level – you can now change how high the water is for certain levels, which can make them part land-based and part water-based levels. This also works on the lava in some of the levels.
  • Custom scroll – this new feature allows you to change the behavior of the screen scrolling, which can truly change how the levels come to be. You can choose between any of the eight directions and manipulate how the screen will scroll, even down to its scroll speed.
  • Vertical scroll areas – you can now create areas that scroll vertically.
  • Scroll stop – you can now make your own hidden levels with the use of this nifty feature. Just wall of the entire area you want hidden, and the game will stop scrolling at that point.

In addition, Super Mario Maker 2 has Banzai Bill, the gigantic bullet that can track Mario or go on a straight path; Dry Bones Shell for traversing lava; big coins, new sound effects, and co-op level making, which allows you to create a level with a friend on another joy-con. This is not even mentioning an included story mode, new course themes, a day/night cycle, the inclusion of assets from Super Mario 3D World¸ tags for online courses, downloadable courses, co-operative and competitive multiplayer and so much more.

There are so much more shared by the Nintendo Direct, which you can find on the video above. Watch it to find out all the new features coming to Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 is set to be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.

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