Night of the Dead Hotfix: General Bug Fixes, Gameplay Updates, and More.

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Night of the Dead developer, Jacktostudios, recently released a new hotfix that updates the gameplay and fixes general bugs. The developers have balanced certain objects by taking community feedback. These include the power saw, crossbow, and bolts.

They have also worked on fixing multiple bugs. One fix is for the awkward animation of the character. Another fix is for the issue where players were able to move immediately after parrying. The latter bug made the game less challenging to play.

Night of the Dead Alpha Hotfix #028


  • Close UI On Attacked Toggle (Enable/Disable) added to ‘Settings - Gameplay - Game settings - Close UI On Attacked’ (Initial setting: Enable)
  • A priority control offset for interactable elements buttons added to Q, E (Settings → Controls → Action → Change Target 1, 2). It will print this message: 'Save this control settings?'
  • Decreased Power Saw damage (20 → 15)
  • Increased Power Saw Weight (40 → 45)
  • Decreased Crossbow Weight (30 → 15)
  • Increased Bolt damage (15 → 20)
  • Increased Power Saw damage for trees
  • Increased Kukri damage for bushes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of unequipping ammo when keeping rifles (i.e. Bow, RU-74, Rocket launcher, etc.)
  • Fixed the issue of ammo and throwable weapons being used without consumption
  • Fixed the issue of the Butcher zombie’s normal attack can hit through the wall
  • Fixed the issue of the exclusive attacked motion for Power saw of zombies always occur
  • Fixed the issue of the Butcher zombie’s stiff is same as common zombies
  • Fixed the issue of unintended hit effect occur
  • Fixed the issue of awkward animation of the character
  • Fixed the issue of output footstep sound twice
  • Fixed the issue of fall mesh of Small animal trap
  • Fixed the issue of invisible direction indicator
  • Fixed the issue of can eat interaction while reloading
  • Fixed the issue of can eat interaction while using Flamethrower and Power saw
  • Fixed the issue of can move immediately after parrying
  • Fixed the issue of the equip mark can’t work normally when same items are in inventory
  • Fixed the issue of stopping the dodge when taking burn damage


  • Zombies collision optimization
  • Wave optimization

Please make sure to run the latest version of the game.

You can read more about the update here.

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