Niantic Addresses PokéStop Deficiency In Pokémon Go

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The lack of PokeStops, particularly in isolated areas, is an issue Niantic should resolve as soon as possible.
The lack of PokeStops, particularly in isolated areas, is an issue Niantic should resolve as soon as possible. Niantic

There is no doubt that Pokémon Go remains to be one of the most successful AR games out there. Unfortunately, some players have started feeling a bit discouraged due to the lack of PokéStops where they live.

PokéStops basically refer to specific real-world locales where players gain the ability to collect items they might need on their journey. However, players who found themselves in rural areas are forced to travel a couple of miles just to find a single PokéStop.

Niantic, the studio behind the hit mobile game, has reportedly tried to improve the situation by adding features that enable players to nominate new locations. These locations, in particular, are those from past Niantic games, namely Ingress. The only catch, however, is that these initiatives have been affected by dozens of bugs. What is more, the fact that these locations were initially meant for other titles has caused tremendous issues the studio has yet to resolve.

Interestingly, Niantic is back with another solution. Unlike the company's previous solutions, this one is a global roll-out of what is called the Niantic Wayfarer. It is, by essence, the latest form of user-submitted PokéStop suggestions. It is worth noting, though, that this feature has a catch – only Pokémon Go players of either level 40 or higher can be allowed to make these proposals.

Moreover, Niantic has introduced a second strategy in an attempt to generate more of these fixed in-game facilities in Pokémon Go. This one is more about building partnerships with businesses. There is a subscription-based program that gives companies the ability to obtain a PokéStop placed in or around their premises. Obviously, by doing so, these companies can help drive their own traffic.

The more premium of these options also allows the owner of a company to schedule events like Raid Battles. Again, this attempt is to draw even more potential customers, particularly those who love to play Pokémon Go. The new PokéStop-monetizing idea from Niantic is currently available to small or medium businesses in the US.

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