Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Newest Update is Live

An exciting update.
An exciting update. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and it introduces an interesting game mechanic. There are also new features like players now being able to have pets. Of course, there are the usual events and corresponding rewards.

This new update introduces “Fight for the Throne.” In this one, players fight to be the strongest kingdom on the server. Four kingdoms enter the battle and try to bring the dragon to their base. To win, a kingdom needs to reach a certain score.

The kingdom that wins is designated as a “Capital Kingdom” on the server. With this, they receive honor and rewards. In addition, the winning kingdom also gets a Special Kingdom Skin and costume. They even get their very own policy when it comes to special events on the server.

New Features

As mentioned, the new update also introduces pets to the game. They are creatures separate from Familiars that follow players and provide fun along with collectability to the overall experience of the game.

Another new content is the Play Mode where players can choose quest mode in either auto, semi-auto, or manual. This should help them go through the game based on their play preference.

Finally, PC players should be happy to know that the PC version can now bypass the mobile-linked sign-up as well as sign-in.

New Events

  • Fight for the Throne Opening Event
    • A newly added Cheer feature allows players to cheer kingdoms, joining the fight.
    • Players who use this feature during a specific cheering period receive a 4-Star Decoration Chest.
  • Cooking Competition Episode Eve Event
    • Based on mission points, players can obtain the 4-Star Sore Boar Familiar and various power-up materials.
    • Mission Points can be earned by completing various missions such as Cook in the Kingdom and Conquest Missions.
  • Celebration Event for Capital Kingdom update
    • New daily missions are available across 7 days including Missions Use HP Potion, Defeat World Boss, and more.
    • Players receive Power Up Materials and chances to win a 4-Star Weapon Bundle Chest, which provides a variety of 4-Star weapons.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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