Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Introduces Familiar Arena in First Update

First update is here.
First update is here. Netmarble

The first update to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is now live, introducing the Familiar Arena. This new feature is all about battle using your familiars. That’s right! Players can make an offensive deck of familiars and fight against the defense deck of others.

To fight in Familiar Arena, players need to be at least Level 27. Based on their rankings, players can get various weekly or seasonal rewards. Meanwhile, the top 10% weekly or seasonally ranked Soul Divers get the Asterites as a part of their rewards.

Besides rewards, players can also attempt to get new achievements and titles. For titles, the lowest is Duel Start which only requires players to participate in the Arena 16 times. The highest is King of the Arena and is awarded to the player who gets Season Rank No. 1.

Special Event

As part of its introduction, players can join the Familiar Arena event. The objective is simple: eliminate all the Familiars of the opponent within the time limit. The missions and rewards are:

  • Mission: Play Familiar Arena x5
    • Rewards: Familiar Summon Coupon x2
  • Mission: Win on offense in Familiar Arena x2
    • Rewards: Jelly Bottle x2
  • Mission: Play Familiar Arena x10
    • Rewards: Familiar Summon Coupon x3
  • Mission: Win on offense in Familiar Arena x8
    • Rewards: 3-Star Bean Pod x3
  • Mission: Play Familiar Arena x20
    • Rewards: Familiar Summon Coupon x4
  • Mission: Win on offense in Familiar Arena x15
    • Rewards: 3-Star Toy Chest x2
  • Mission: Play Familiar Arena x40
    • Rewards: Familiar Summon Coupon x5
  • Mission: Win on offense in Familiar Arena x25
    • Rewards: Evolution Fruit Basket x4
  • Mission: Reach Silver Grade in Familiar Arena x1
    • Rewards: 4-Star Random Familiar Capsule x1

This event ends June 22.

Kingdom Dungeon

The new update also adds the Kingdom Dungeon that players can try to clear with their Kingdom members. To access the dungeon, players need to be part of a Kingdom and that Kingdom has to be at least Level 3. It's only available once a week, and clearing the dungeon results in victory and contribution rewards. Clearing higher tiers yields even greater rewards, so go for them if your Kingdom can.

Learn more about the Familiar Arena, Kingdom Dungeon, and other new features here.

Kingdom Mission

Players can also join in the Kingdom Mission event where they are asked to clear various missions given by the Kingdom and, in return, get rewards. This event started June 8 and will last until June 22. Check out all the missions and rewards here.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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