Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Invites You to Its 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Ni no Kuni Anniv 2
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A new update has been released for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds in celebration of its 2nd Anniversary. This newest update features new Foot Race content along with limited-time events which everyone can enjoy.

Let's start things off with the 2nd Anniversary Special Summon. In this event, players can receive as much as 2,222 2nd Anniversary Special Summon Coupons by taking part in different activities and in-game events. For example, from May 22 to June 19, players can check in to the game and immediately claim these coupons.

These Special Summon Coupons can then be used for a chance to get not only multiple rare items but also power up materials that can raise Combat Power. Players can even obtain the 2nd Anniversary Cluu Costume Chest, as well as the 2nd Anniversary Cluu Bouncer Amber, through the rewards they've earned.

New Mission Event

Another event that players can join is the 2x the Joy for the 2nd Anniversary! Mission Event. For this event, they'll need to finish different missions per tier and in return earn rewards. For example, when they check-in to the kingdom during the event, they get to receive 2nd Anniversary Special Summon Coupons as rewards. There are other missions to complete like donating to the kingdom or using the kingdom theater. There's also the Foot Race: Sagartha.

A total of five tiers is available and the next tier only opens once all the missions in the previous tier are completed. Those who can clear all the missions for all the tiers get to claim the 2nd Anniversary Rare 4★ Familiar Selection Capsule as the final reward.

Hidden Missions

Players can also check out the event titled Find the Hidden 2nd Anniversary Gift! For this one, all that needs to be done is clear the 2nd Anniversary Hidden Missions in Evermore and in return receive valuable rewards that include the 2nd Anniversary Rare 4★ Equipment Chest and the 2nd Anniversary Title.

Join the Foot Race

By the way, the new 2nd Anniversary Foot Race: Sagartha is now live and available until June 19. To be part of this exciting foot race, players need to use the Reward Ticket which can be claimed four times a week in their mailbox. Once the match is over, rewards that can be obtained include the Choice Summon Coupon, 5★ Tetro Puzzle Selection Pack, and Sparkling Heart, to name a few.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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