Next Gen Xbox Will Reportedly Be More Powerful Than The Upcoming PS5

Microsoft's next-gen console will reportedly one-up Sony's best efforts.
The next-gen console will be more powerful than the PS5, reports say.
The next-gen console will be more powerful than the PS5, reports say. Microsoft

If recent rumors are to be believed, it looks like Microsoft won’t allow itself to be one-upped by Sony and its upcoming next-gen console.

Sony made the rounds on the news a few days ago after the PlayStation 5’s lead architect Mark Cerny revealed details on what the next-gen console will be like. In the exclusive interview, Cerny confirmed some of the rumors surrounding the much-anticipated follow-up to the PlayStation 4, including: AMD’s newest Zen 2 7nm architecture for its processor, with 8 threads and 16 cores, the newest Radeon Navi GPU, also from AMD, and – perhaps the most welcome one – the inclusion of an SSD, which promised significantly lower load times when playing games.

Microsoft has made the news as well, with their official reveal of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a discless version of the Xbox One S which is part of their recent push into the digital marketplace, as well as the accompanying Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a subscription service that combines the Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass.

However, it looks like Microsoft has more up its sleeve. A journalist named Ainsley Bowden took to Twitter following the Mark Cerny interview and has reported that ‘multiple insiders’ close to the development of Microsoft’s next-gen console have stated that the next Xbox will be ‘more advanced’ than the PlayStation 5.

Some have certainly expressed doubts over the validity of Bowden’s claims, and as such he was asked just how reliable his sources were. Bowden has since replied that the sources were not necessarily his, and as such, just like every other rumor, speculation or reported leak, all of his claims should be taken with a huge grain of salt. There are some who have since come up to verify the reliability of the original sources, as they have good track records when it came to Microsoft and Xbox leaks.

Bowden went on to state that the news shouldn’t come as surprising, since Microsoft has since announced that only the most powerful hardware will go on their next-gen console. It should, however, be worth noting that until the official reveal of both consoles, all speculation and claims are not to be taken at one hundred percent face value, and can be attributed to drumming up hype for this next chapter in the still developing console wars.

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