New World: Update 1.0.2 Implements Adjustments to Faction Missions

New World Update 1.0.2
New World Update 1.0.2 Amazon Game Studios

The latest update for New World is here. Update 1.0.2 implemented adjustments to faction missions and plenty of bug fixes. According to the developers, it also lays the groundwork for the upcoming server transfer feature.

Tweaks to Faction Missions

Developers adjusted faction missions that affected Influence gain over time. This will require more effort to turn an uncontrolled territory into a vulnerable state, allowing rival factions to vie for control through War Declaration.

This change was done because of a bug responsible for multiplying the Influence of attacking factions much faster than what was intended.

To keep things more balanced, the decrease in Influence over time for defending factions has been completely removed.

Bug Fixes

Update 1.0.2 has fixed quite a lot of bugs. For instance, the issue where you could respawn as a corpse has been fixed. In addition, those who were penalized by the game’s Easy Anti-Cheat system will now be given a clear explanation as to why they received the penalty.

For AI fixes, those who were farming EXP at the Boarsholm POI in the Restless Shores will probably be sad to know that the spawn rate of Boars has been corrected. This means that the number of Boars will not be the same before the update.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn as a corpse
  • Fixed an issue causing territory influence to be reset after an Invasion
  • Fixed a game crash caused by a player targeting another player with a healing effect at the exact moment they fast traveled or teleported away
  • Fixed an issue causing some crafting bonuses to not provide the minimum intended values
  • Fixed an issue where player’s movement could stutter after becoming encumbered from logging
  • Fixed an issue causing players to randomly teleport
  • Fixed an issue causing certain bears to respawn faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue causing twice the intended number of Boars to spawn at the Boarsholm POI in Restless Shores
  • Fixed an issue where players could be prompted to purchase an item they had previously started the unlocking process on in the in-game store when trying to unlock another item immediately after
  • Fixed an issue causing store previews for skins to not work correctly when the player was actively wielding a weapon

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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