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It has nearly been a week since New World’s January PTR was released. But right now, there are already plenty of bugs that need to be ironed out. There are definitely some new issues that have cropped up, but there are also those since the game was released.

Developer Amazon Game Studios (AGS) launched the New World’s first-ever Public Test Realm (PTR) to let players try out the new features so that they can report any bugs they find. However, it seems as though the developers are too focused on implementing new things that they may have forgotten about the old problems, which disappointed some fans.

New Bugs Found, Old Ones Not Resolved Yet

Redditor @CeasefireGehennas has made a post outlining some of the issues they’ve found on PTR. Originally, there was an issue with the Expedition Mutations not rotating every 48 hours. This has since been addressed.

Anyway, one of the things they've mentioned is that the new weapon perks do not work. This is one of the many features introduced in PTR where attunement perks can be imbued on a weapon.

They said that they had the shard necessary to “force” the flame attunement perk on the weapon. But rather than getting the specific perk, they were given some random ones instead. The shard was also consumed in the process, which is a waste since it didn’t accomplish its intended purpose.

While the Redditor said that the attunement perk bug is ok considering it is a new feature, they added that some old issues are still present.

For instance, the Jewelry bug where players cannot add a gem to an empty socket has not been resolved yet.

Another issue that has not been addressed is the portal bug where portal locations are not visible on the map.

But the biggest issue is that abilities can only be cast when the weapon is out. Players who are using Rapiers, for example, may not be able to use Fleche when their weapons are sheathed.

The Redditor does not know if this is intentional or not. They’ve gone on to say that it seems as though the devs are moving "further away from combat fluidity in every patch and more towards clunkiness."

The Redditor wants the developers to improve their communication as well, especially when it comes to what’s currently happening in PTR.

Have you tried New World’s current PTR? If so, how’s your experience so far? Have you encountered some of the bugs that were mentioned?

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