New World: February PTR Introduces Huge Changes to PvP and Outpost Rush

New World February PTR
New World February PTR Amazon Game Studios

The February PTR for New World is now officially open. The beta update features huge changes to PvP and the Outpost Rush. Read further to learn more.

PvP Improvements

The developers understand that many things need fixing in the game. So, for this month’s PTR, they’ve focused their attention on improving some core aspects instead of introducing new content.

That said, some interesting changes have been implemented to PvP. For example, you can now swap your weapons even when you dodge, react, or use consumables, and doing so will not interrupt these actions at all. To prevent the issue of instant weapon swapping, the devs imposed a one-second swap cooldown in these cases.

Furthermore, pressing an ability button immediately after changing your weapons will now perform that ability at the first swap cancel frame. In other words, weapon swapping and attack actions can be queued simultaneously.

Aside from that, dodging now feels more fluid than before as the length of recovery for all dodges has been shortened. In addition, jumping off lower heights will no longer trigger the full landing animation, thus maintaining your momentum as you explore the world of Aeternum.

Outpost Rush Changes

For those who do not know, Outpost Rush is a 20v20 battle that lasts up to 45 minutes. You and your team will be vying for control over resources and outposts located in the area. The first team that reaches 1,000 points wins.

Having said that, adjustments have been made to encourage you to play this game mode. First, Faction Tokens are now granted upon the completion of the match. Second, the caches will now reward you with two pieces of Outpost Rush-specific equipment. Third, you get an Outpost Rush-specific weapon. And finally, there’s a 15% chance that you can gain a fourth item. This could be a piece of jewelry found only in this PvP mode.

There’s also a strong chance that the Outpost Rush Cache rewards will increase your Expertise ratings.

Patch Notes

  • Multiple AI and visual bugs have been addressed
  • AI and siege weapons have received a balance pass
  • Scoring mechanisms for contribution have been reworked:
    • Dealing damage now increases player scores
    • Reduced the amount of points granted from killing enemy players
    • Reduced the amount of points granted from killing enemy AI
  • Outpost Rush gear now rolls from a fixed list of perks that are more ideal for PvP combat. This means that traits like “Beast Ward” will no longer be found on Outpost Rush gear
    • Removed “Beast Ward '' from “Illusory Enigma” and replaced it with “Keen”. Please note that this change isn’t retroactive and it will only apply to new Illusory Enigmas granted after the patch
  • Reduced Tradeskill EXP leveling requirements by 10% for the following trade skills: Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing
  • A new Trade Chat channel has been added, facilitating a dedicated space to hawk your wares

What can you say about the changes to PvP and Outpost Rush in New World’s February PTR?

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