New Star Manager Now Available In US On PS4

New Star Manager now in the US.
New Star Manager now in the US. New Star Games

Following its successful launch in the UK, New Star Manager is now available in the US via the PlayStation 4. With football (or soccer, for us Yanks) season arriving, what better way to get into the hype than with New Star games.

If you enjoyed New Star Soccer, then you are sure to find this new football/soccer management simulation game just as addictive. New Star Manager allows soccer fans to experience the sport and not just as a player. As the name implies, players get the responsibility of managing the underperforming team, New Star FC.

You take full ownership of the club and are tasked with numerous responsibilities, including constructing club facilities, managing training schedules, handling sponsorship deals, and hiring the backroom staff (and maybe even firing some). Managing the club finances and keeping the board satisfied with the team are also part of your responsibilities. The fans and the press are also other challenges that you must learn to navigate.

On top of these, as manager, you are also responsible for the players, so you need to keep them focused and motivated. To do this, you are going to pay attention to their concerns and monitor their individual characteristics and idiosyncrasies.

This soccer management game includes these key features:

    • Take ownership of every aspect of New Star FC, from constructing vital club facilities and managing the players' training regimes to choosing the perfect sponsor and hiring or firing the backroom staff!
    • Build your dream squad, choose your winning formation, make tactical substitutions, and even step into the locker room for some half-time motivation!
    • Dive into realistic simulations of the world’s biggest leagues and cup competitions!

This latest addition to the New Star series is available at the PlayStation store for $19.99.

New Star Manager is developed by Insight Studios in partnership with New Star Games. New Star Games is both founded and led by Simon Read. It is an independent games publisher and developer based in Buckingham, UK. The studio’s New Star Soccer had received positive acclaim and the mobile version even went on to win a BAFTA back in 2013.

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